Saturday, May 14, 2016

VOICE FARM - The World We Live In

VOICE FARM - The World We Live In (1983)

A very leftfield alternative pop outing from the the 80s, seamlessly transitioning from silly and fun to quite manic and dark without your realizing it. This was originally posted here in 2008, but the track listing was wrong, and well, it turned out the copy I got from an, otherwise, trusted source at the time was riddled with a trojan virus. Oopsie daisy! So here is a clean copy, 8 years later, still 192 kbps, unfortunately, but it sounds fine and won't melt your electronic innards.

1. A.M. City
2. Lost Adults
3. Beatnik
4. Davy's Big Battle
5. Mama Made Me Do It
6. Sally Go Round The Roses
7. Double Garage
8. Follow Me Home
9. Voyeur
10. Cheeno
11. Over & Over

zip file: 45.29 MB
192 kbps

"Sally don't you go, don't you go downtown..."

Enjoy! :o)

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