Friday, May 13, 2016

TOTALLY F***ED EP - The Complete Soundtrack

TOTALLY F***ED UP - The Complete Soundtrack (1993)

I decided to take a break from re-ups to post a little personal project that I have recently finished working on. I have compiled the entire soundtracks to Gregg Araki's Teen Apocalypse Trilogy (Totally F***ed Up, The Doom Generation, Nowhere)! There is a lot of amazing music to be found in these, so let's start with the first film in the trilogy, shall we?

1. 16 Volt: Motorskill
2. 16 Volt: Will
3. 16 Bolt: Wisdom
4. 16 Volt: Downtime
5. 16 Volt: Hate Rivet
6. Ministry: Just One Fix
7. Unrest: Teenage Suicide
8. Unrest: Angel I'll Walk You Home
9. Unrest: Six Layer Cake
10. Red House Painters: Katy Song
11. Red House Painters: Mistress (Piano Version)
12. Red House Painters: Down Colorful Hill
13. The Wolfgang Press: Timeless
14. The Wolfgang Press: Angel
15. The Wolfgang Press: Sucker M.F.
16. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult: The Devil Does Drugs
17. His Name Is Alive: The Torso
18. His Name Is Alive: Lord, Make A Channel Of Your Peace
19. His Name Is Alive: Sick
20. His Name Is Alive: Lip
21. Recliner (aka Vampire Rodents): Nosedive
22. Babyland: Thekadont
23. Babyland: Mindfuck
24. Babyland: Motor.Tool.Appliance
25. Babyland: Reality
26. Babyland: Worst Case Scenario
27. Pale Saints: Neverending Night
28. Pale Saints: A Thousand Stars Burst Open
29. The Jesus And Mary Chain: Head On
30. Ride: Vapour Trail
31. Coil: Windowpane
32. Coil: Who'll Tell
33. Coil: Exploding Frogs
34. This Mortal Coil: Meniscus
35. Numb: Shithammer
36. Numb: Headcrash

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VBR kbs

"I believe in love. I mean, there's GOT to be something for people to cling to besides TV, right?"

Enjoy! And if you like this, be sure to check out the complete soundtracks for The Doom Generation and Nowhere!

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