Saturday, May 14, 2016

NIGHT OF THE COMET - Expanded Motion Picture Soundtrack

NIGHT OF THE COMET - Expanded Motion Picture Soundtrack (1984)

When it comes to film soundtracks, this is my biggest guilty pleasure. I ADORE these songs. Completely unknown, yet completely familiar in sound and atmosphere, with some surprisingly catchy (and sometimes filthy - I'm looking at you, 'Let My Fingers Do The Talking') lyrics. This isn't the complete soundtrack, though, as there were a couple of songs I could not track down, but I did the absolute best that I could. This does, however, include the entire 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' cover by Tami Holbrook!

Not only is this one of my favorite soundtracks of the 1980s, it's also one of my favorite films from that decade. Never taking itself too seriously, it has an absolutely stellar atmosphere, incredible use of set design and cinematography, very likable characters and is just a really fun, altogether cheesy good time!

Spend the night in the lawn storage shed and blast these tunes as you welcome the comet, and the red skies to follow! Just beware of those pesky radiation zombies. I'll be waiting for you at the radio station.

1. Chris Farren: Whole World Is Celebratin'
2. Thom Pace: I'll Take The Blame
3. Stallion: Let My Fingers Do The Talking
4. John Townsend: Strong Heart
5. David Richard Campbell: Ghost Town
6. Revolver: Unbelievable
7. Skip Adams: Trouble
8. Revolver: Lady In Love
9. Jocko Marcinello: Living On The Edge (Film Version)
10. Thom Pace: Virgin In Love
11. Diana DeWitt: Hard Act To Follow
12. Chris Farren & Amy Holland: Learn To Love Again
13. Tami Holbrook: Girls Just Want To Have Fun
14. Jocko Marcinello: Eyes On You
15. Revolver: Tell Me Yourself
16. Bobby Caldwell: Never Give Up
17. Jim Christopher: Making Me Blue
18. Doug Kershaw: King Country Woman
19. Jocko Marcinello: Living On The Edge (Album Version)

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"My parents told me never to breathe things from strangers."

Enjoy! :o)

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