Wednesday, April 9, 2008

JONDI & SPESH - "I Drank It"

JONDI & SPESH - "I Drank It" (2007)

Wow... I remember back in high school I used to go nuts to Jondi & Spesh's "Impenetrable Sayonara". One of the coolest songs I've danced to at any party or club, but that's just my opinion.

Well, J&S are still at it, and making some damn fine (can I say that on this channel?) house music! This is one of their newest EPs, which I am pretty sure was exclusively an MP3 release. This might be the best house single I have heard in a few years. It's very pretty and really funky.

1. I Drank It (Original Mix)
2. I Drank It (Real Sugar Mix)
3. I Drank It (Museum Ambient Mix)

320 Bitrate

Click HERE to drink it up!


NARCOTIC THRUST - "Safe From Harm"

NARCOTIC THRUST - "Safe From Harm" (2002)

This is the infamous house single by Narcotic Thrust, featuring Yvonne John Lewis. There are so many variations of this single, last I counted there were 12 different versions. All with different mixes. So I grabbed the two that I actually own and threw them together. And I added a couple of different songs in the middle, just so you won't want to put a shotgun up to your head after the 7th remix in a row of the same track... Not that you'd really want to do that, this is a pretty groovy track. And catchy too. It'll be in your head late at night while you're trying to sleep, and that's when you'll get the shotgun! "I need... I need... I need protection!"

1. Safe From Harm (Dean Coleman's Safe From Dub Mix)
2. Safe From Harm (Original Mix)
3. Safe From Harm (Behrouz & Andy Remix)
4. Safe From Harm (Dean Coleman's Bootleg Mix)
5. When The Dawn Breaks (Pure Behrouz Mix)
6. I Like It (Pete Lorimer's 29 Palms Remix)
7. Safe From Harm (Deep Dish Radio Edit)
8. Safe From Harm (Dean Coleman's Safe And Funky Dub)
9. Safe From Harm (Rauhofer Remix)

192 Bitrate

"I'm losin' my way, I need someone to find me and do me right and keep me safe from harm."


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

DEEE-LITE - "Groove Is In The Heart"

DEEE-LITE - "Groove Is In The Heart" (1990)

"How do you say delicious, delovely, delectible, devine? How do you say... Deee-Liiite?"

Yep, it's the club hit to end all club hits! The international smash that started the resurgence of the club/glamour scene, and maybe even helped to start house music! If that's not enough, it features Bootsy Collins, Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest, and Maceo Parker on the sax!

From the debut LP, "World Clique" which is to this day one of the Degrooviest albums ever!

1. Groove Is In The Heart (Meeting Of The Minds Mix)
2. Groove Is In The Heart (Peanut Butter Mix)
3. What Is Love? (Holographic Goatee Mix)
4. What Is Love? (Rainbow Beard Mix)

320 Bitrate

"The depth of hula groove - move us to the nth hoop."

**** CHECK OUT the "Groove Is In The Heart" music video!!


DEEE-LITE - "E.S.P. & Good Beat"

DEEE-LITE - "E.S.P. & Good Beat" (1990)

Here is an extremely hard to find single from dance music pioneers, Deee-Lite! This is a double single, from their first release 'World Clique'. These mixes are cool - they add a little spice while keeping very true to the originals. Back when remixing was a fresh and new thing! This also contains the rarely-heard B-side, 'Riding On Through'.

Deee-Lite is Lady Miss Kier, Super DJ Dimitri, and Towa Tei.

1. E.S.P. (Ouijee Extended Mix)
2. E.S.P. (YeeYee Radio Mix)
3. Riding On Through
4. Beatapella
5. Good Beat (Extend The Beat Mix)
6. Good Beat (Pal Joey's Shake Your Body To The Beat Mix)
7. Good Beat (Turn Up The Radio Mix)

VBR Bitrate

"To some he is guru, he pushes grooves that go right through you."

***PLEASE NOTE - The cover I posted is of the Good Beat single, which did not contain the E.S.P. remixes, or the b-side "Riding On Through". Extensive searches for the combination cover turned out futile. If you have a cover photo, or know where I can get one, please contact me!

*****ALSO - Check out the "Good Beat" music video! Frickin' A!


Friday, April 4, 2008

TELEPATHE - "I Can't Stand It/Chromes On It"

TELEPATHE - "I Can't Stand It/Chrome On It" (2008)

Not really a single, but two of my favorite tracks by this NYC band that is in the process of becoming extremely famous as I type this description! Imagine the Manson family on peyote. Amazing live shows, they just played at the SXSW Film Festival!

Telepathe is Melissa Livaudais, Busy Gangnes, Ryan Lucero & Lane Lacolla.

1. I Can't Stand It
2. Chromes On It

VBR Bitrate

"Honor is a battle with many."


DISQUE 9 - "Des Uncurables"

DISQUE 9 - "Des Uncurables" (1997)

This is a really awesome and different album! Its not techno at all, but it was all made using a sampler. It is really experimental and unique and very very odd. It's right up my alley, but it's definitely not for everyone...

I picked this up at Egg City Radio, and since they did a good job explaining it (and because I'm feeling lazy), I'm going to let them do it for me:

This is one of those discs that I’m not surprised slipped through the cracks after it came out ten years ago. According to one review from a very un-updated music site called, the thing is a one-man effort from someone called Keith Fancy:

“Disque 9 sounds something like listening to two movies on cable while a radio is playing in the background and the refrigerator is on the blink. These are not songs in the traditional sense of the word. Mr. Fancy jumbles, distorts, and disassembles pieces of music in such a way that there really aren’t discipherable melodies or words. Instead, these songs are like fragments and snippets of songs all tied together in a most confusing manner. In the end, however, this obtuse little collection of ‘tunes’ doesn’t really sound like anything else I’ve heard of late…and for that alone, this gets high marks in the ‘land of the baby.’ Eerie and dream-like. Neat.”

1. The Collapse/Arrival
2. The TransportArrival
3. The Seduction
4. The Vision/The Gift/The Question
5. The Coveting
6. The Hallucination/The Corruption/The Betrayal
7. The Vision Prepares Its Revenge
8. The Intermission
9. The Dread & The Counting
10. The Duel/The Vision Is Undone By Its Own Gift/The Curse
11. The Gift Lost/The Death/The Ascension
12. The Curtain Call/The Laughter In The Wings
13. The Last Person Exiting Turns

160 Bitrate

Prepare your vision's revenge HERE!


DARSHAN - "Duck/Navigator"

DARSHAN - "Duck/Navigator" (1997)

Another mind-stomper from Darshan! This time on Phantsam records. Great stuff!!!

Darshan are Grant Collins and Mark Robinson.

1. Duck
2. Navigator

256 Bitrate

Navigate your duck HERE!


HALLUCINOGEN - "Space Pussy/Thugs In Tye-Dye"

HALLUCINOGEN - "Space Pussy/Thugs In Tye-Dye" (1996)

Here's an awesome single from psytrance guru Hallucinogen, aka Simon Posford. Hailing from England, he has the ability to hook your brain directly to his machines and tweak it into oblivion. This one is one of my favorites ever by him.

1. Space Pussy
2. Thugs In Tye-Dye

192 Bitrate

Tye-dye your cosmic kitty HERE!


PLANET B.E.N. & SPIRALKINDER - "Triple Helix /Parakusis"

PLANET B.E.N. & SPRIALKINDER - "Triple Helix/Parakusis" (1997)

Here's a really cool single from Planet B.E.N. and Spiralkinder (also sometimes credited as Spiralkinda). It's deep and minimal, and pretty hypnotic.

Planet B.E.N. is Ben Wierzoch, and Spiralkinder is Arne Schauffhausen and Marco Schmedding.

1. Triple Helix (Midi Furz)
2. Parakusis

256/320 Bitrate

I can't think of anything witty or catchy today, so just click HERE, meathead! (j/k) :o)


Tuesday, April 1, 2008


ANDREY KIRITCHENKO - "Stuffed With/Out" (2006)

Another orgasmicly good album from my own personal Ukrainian space-hero, Andrey Kiritchenko! This one is just loaded with tripped-out abstract soundscapes and cosmic beauty.

A must for any fan of the slow and spacey stuff!

1. Time Travel Of A Snail
2. A Rabbit Makes Her Dreams Come True
3. A Mouse Stuffed With Emotions
4. For Behemoth, Who Was Afraid Of The Dark
5. November Comes And Squirrel Falls In Love
6. That Puppy Likes His Solitude
7. They Only Live Twice

VBR Bitrate

Click HERE to stuff your mouse with emotions!