Wednesday, April 9, 2008

NARCOTIC THRUST - "Safe From Harm"

NARCOTIC THRUST - "Safe From Harm" (2002)

This is the infamous house single by Narcotic Thrust, featuring Yvonne John Lewis. There are so many variations of this single, last I counted there were 12 different versions. All with different mixes. So I grabbed the two that I actually own and threw them together. And I added a couple of different songs in the middle, just so you won't want to put a shotgun up to your head after the 7th remix in a row of the same track... Not that you'd really want to do that, this is a pretty groovy track. And catchy too. It'll be in your head late at night while you're trying to sleep, and that's when you'll get the shotgun! "I need... I need... I need protection!"

1. Safe From Harm (Dean Coleman's Safe From Dub Mix)
2. Safe From Harm (Original Mix)
3. Safe From Harm (Behrouz & Andy Remix)
4. Safe From Harm (Dean Coleman's Bootleg Mix)
5. When The Dawn Breaks (Pure Behrouz Mix)
6. I Like It (Pete Lorimer's 29 Palms Remix)
7. Safe From Harm (Deep Dish Radio Edit)
8. Safe From Harm (Dean Coleman's Safe And Funky Dub)
9. Safe From Harm (Rauhofer Remix)

192 Bitrate

"I'm losin' my way, I need someone to find me and do me right and keep me safe from harm."


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