Tuesday, May 31, 2016

RABID HUMMINGBIRD - Psychedelic Hummingbird v3

RABID HUMMINGBIRD - Psychedelic Hummingbird v3

Here is the newest volume in my very own compilation series, exclusively for this blog! This one has splashes of several different forms of psychedelic styles, such as Goa, forest, full-on and twilight to guide your ears, mind and body through many different twisted corridors of swirling sonic sounds and melodies. Let it flutter your wings, my feathered friends!

Cover art manipulated by original artwork by Megan Manske (Megandowntherabbithole)

1. Doof: The Second Revelation (140 bpm)
2. Electric Universe: Stardiver (136 bpm)
3. Psyko Disko: Disko Spies Lost Story (145 bpm)
4. Eat Static: Race To Space (145 bpm)
5. X-Dream: Rain (Astral Projection Remix) (142 bpm)
6. Sonic Species: Tokyo Sunrise (Faders Remix) (143 bpm)
7. ManMadeMan: Soundproof (Kickmongwi Remix) (142 bpm)
8. Setanic: Awake In Their Vision (145 bpm)
9. Siam: Colorful Expansion (142 bpm)

zip file: 170.27 MB
320 kbps

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

RABID HUMMINGBIRD - Psychedelic Hummingbird v2

RABID HUMMINGBIRD - Psychedelic Hummingbird v2

Here is volume 2 of my new series of Goa/psytrance compilations, exclusively for this blog. I hope everyone enjoys these, they are a lot of fun to compile. The vibe here is a bit different than volume 1, starting out with some mellow progressive trance which stretches out into some nighttime psy, capped off with some swirly-whirly Goa trance to leave your brain, ears and feet begging for more.

Cover art manipulated from original artwork by cabezadecondor @ DeviantArt.

1. Corellian: State Of Mind (130 bpm)
2. James Monro vs. Dickster: Wash Out (Extended Verse) (130 bpm)
3. Green Oms: Hear And Now (136 bpm)
4. ManMadeMan: Desire (Bumbling Loons Remix) (136 bpm)
5. Wizzy Noise: Timeline (Blue Planet Corporation Remix) (141 bpm)
6. Process: 10,000 Thrill Seekers (142 bpm)
7. Slinky Nuns: Caught In The Zipper (144 bpm)
8. Filteria: Stars (Starstuff Remix) (146 bpm)
9. KhetzaL: Gasnesha Pramana (160 bpm)

zip file: 175.49 MB
320 kbps

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RABID HUMMINGBIRD - Psychedelic Hummingbird v1

RABID HUMMINGBIRD - Psychedelic Hummingbird v1

Here is the first in (hopefully) many psychedelic compilations brought to you by your very own foam-beaked bird buddy! This first volume was originally titled 'Another Psychedelic Adventure' and was a compilation that I had made and posted back in November of 2008, before I abandoned my nest to fly south for 8 years. As I was sprucing things up from crummy 192 kbps bit rate to a happy 320 (all, except for the Tandu track, which is 256 kbps), I had the idea of starting up a massive wave of psychedelic trance and Goa trance compilations exclusively for my fellow fowl friends. Play these compilations loud and shake your tail feathers!

Cover art manipulated from original artwork by Anthony Jay Ptak.

1. Blue Planet Corporation: OverBloody Flood (149 bpm)
2. Slinky Nuns: Stun Gun (141 bpm)
3. Green Nuns Of The Revolution: Two Vindaloos And An Onion Bhagee (142 bpm)
4. Práná & Amanite FX: Black Rain (Blue Planet Corporation Remix) (150 bpm)
5. Alien Mutation: Chilled Out On A Mountain Somewhere In Time (130 bpm)
6. X-Dream: Relax Vortex (139 bpm)
7. Tandu: Blue Aura (142 bpm)
8. Práná: Boundless (144 bpm)
9. Slinky Wizard: Anytime (140 bpm)

zip file: 159.46 MB
320 kbps (track 7: 256 kbps)

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Saturday, May 21, 2016



Speaking of Flying Rhino Freestyle, here is a magnificent compilation from the Goa/psytrance label's sister label, specializing in deep, mellow grooves meant to throw your happy ass back against the couch cushions ('So Fa' - get it?), and keep you there from start to finish, taking your spirit on a nice, relaxing paradise vacation. Being a couch potato has never sounded so beautiful.

1. Red Seal: Seccle And Cool (100 bpm)
2. Max And Harvey: Up The Garden Path (64 bpm)
3. Ivor Quest & Sarah Sahandi: Music For 8mm. (Super 8 Mix by Invisibles) (78 bpm)
4. Tripple Game: Soho (Boom Devil Re-Mix) (100 bpm)
5. Western Rebel Alliance: Duke It (69 bpm)
6. Red Seal: These Are The Days (84 bpm)
7. Ivor Guest: Negative Yogi (Woodwork Dub Re-Mix) (75 bpm)
8. Boom Devil: Life Is (Tripple Game Re-Mix) (76 bpm)
9. Ralf Hindenbeutel: One Day (100 bpm)
10. Woob: Pondlife (Live) (88 bpm)
11. Ivor Guest: Prism (87 bpm)
12. The Egg: Rich Garden (Stuph Mix) (99 bpm)

zip file: 168.39 MB
320 kbps

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BOOM DEVIL - Rumble (2001)

A couple of years before Flying Rhino Records called it quits (or, more accurately, took a 10-year + hiatus, as they have returned in recent years, releasing a few new EPs), they decided to make a bold move and take a step away from the pigeonhole of trance, and enter the world of downtempo, dub and ambient music. And, boy, was it good! This is one of the more popular titles from their sub-label, Flying Rhino Freestyle. A deep, mellow blissout to make your body and soul tingle.

1. Life Is (feat. Christine Leach) (76 bpm)
2. Over You (feat. Nina Perry) (83 bpm)
3. Nothing To Be Afraid Of (88 bpm)
4. Rumble (138 bpm)
5. Ease The Pain (feat. Nina Perry) (63 bpm)
6. Pyroclastic (168 bpm)
7. Lullaby (feat. Nina Perry) (83 bpm)
8. Call Her Name (66 bpm)
9. Check 4 Zero (97 bpm)
10. Epilogue (78 bpm)
11. Been Thinkin' (feat. Gez Scott) (63 bpm)

zip file: 138.59 MB
320 kbps

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CODE - Light Years / Parsifal 12"

CODE - Light Years / Parsifal 12" (1992)

Here's a really nice 12" release from Code. Parsifal was later remixed and used in the Planet Dog Records compilation, 'Feed Your Head Vol. 2'. The versions appearing on this release are very similar in tone and vibe, but maybe a bit more minimal. Light Years kicks up the energy slightly and makes for a good old-fashioned organic techno dance tune.

1. Parsifal (Full Mix) (120bpm)
2. Parsifal (Ambient Dub) (120 bpm)
3. Light Years (Full Mix) (126 bpm)
4. Light Years (Chaos Mix) (126 bpm)

zip file: 41.51 MB
320 kbps

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SOMETHING WEIRD - Storybook Sessions Vol. 2 - Freddytrippin'

SOMETHING WEIRD - Storybook Sessions Vol. 2 - Freddytrippin' (2014)

Okay, prepare yourselves, because this is CRAZY! Something Weird has once again created a "psychedelic reworking" of an audio book, but this time, instead of going the kiddie record route, he opted for a darker approach, choosing to add his unique brand of low-fi sonic wizardry to the cassette tape retelling of the 1989 horror sequel, A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child!

Follow Alice, who had previously vanquished the dream-stalking, child-murdering maniac a year before, as she graduates from high school and is ready to move on with her life and blossom into as well-adjusted an adult as she possibly can be, considering her haunted, blood-stained past. But, of course, Freddy Kruger slithers his way back into her reality, using the dreams of her unborn baby to gain the power to slaughter all of those around her. Will she save her friends, her baby, and her sanity?

Once again, this is no ordinary audio book. This is tweaked and remixed to the Nth hoop and back, and will make your brain gasp for air. I guess these are meant to be listened to while under the influence of mind-altering substances, but people, I gotta tell you, I'd be afraid I would never come back after listening to these. Use your own discretion! ;-)

If you like this album, be sure to check out part 1!

1. Freddytrippin' Part I (20:58)
2. Freddytrippin' Part II (13:45)
3. Freddytrippin' Part III (9:37)
4. Freddytrippin' Part IV (17:33)

zip file: 144.77 MB
320 kbps

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SOMETHING WEIRD - Storybook Sessions Vol. 1 - Annietrippin'

SOMETHING WEIRD - Storybook Sessions Vol. 1 - Annietrippin' (2012)

And now for something completely different:

Whoa. This is one of the most mind-melting things I have ever heard. Not exactly techno, this is "a psychedelic reworking of the 1982 children's record, 'Feeling Good With Annie'". There is a story to be found among the swirling, echoing cacophony of strangeness.

Whether you are familiar with the story of Little Orphan Annie or not, trying to follow along with the plot of the story is a fun part of the fractured, trippy-as-balls brain-scramble that is this album. But let me help you out a bit: Annie is no longer an orphan, and has been adopted by Oliver Warbucks, the richest man in the world. One day, as she is walking on perpetual sunshine, she walks into the foyer of the Warbucks mansion to see that a "travelling fitness salesman", who is peddling his services door to door, has been let inside by an unnecessarily irate Warbucks. The fitness salesman soon has the entire gang doing calisthenics in the park, along with a group of public park-goers who have been rounded up against their wills to join in the jazzercize action, jamming along to (thanks to Something Weird, now blisteringly scrambled) instrumental renditions of songs from the hit musical!

Something Weird is David Totty, who hails from Colorado, USA (and is a fellow GusGus fan, apparently, there is an EP of remixes of GusGus' 'Airwaves' track on his Bandcamp page!!).

If you like this album, be sure to check out Volume 2, which is equally as (if not more) strange, and deals with one of everyone's favorite movie madmen: Freddy Krueger!

1. Annietrippin' Part I (17:58)
2. Annietrippin' Part II (18:07)

zip file: 83.25 MB
320 kbps

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Friday, May 20, 2016

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Trance Anthology

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Trance Anthology (1997)

Here's another interesting and oddball Goa trance compilation. What makes this so unique is that while this is not a continuous DJ mix, all of the tracks have been significantly shortened, edited and/or remixed, presumably for the sake of being able to add more than the standard 8-10 tracks usually included in a trance compilation. I especially like the versions of 'LSD' and 'This' found on this disc, but they unfortunately fade out a little too soon. But still, this rare quirk alone makes this album worth adding to your collection.

1. Age Of Love: The Age Of Love (Watch Out For Stella Mix) (130 bpm)
2. Quench: Dreams (136 bpm)
3. Aurora Borealis: The Milky Way (156 bpm)
4. Borgia: Mandrake (138 bpm)
5. Element Of Trance: A Taste Of Your Own Medicine (Midi-Evil Mix) (135 bpm)
6. Electric Universe: Solar Energy (143 bpm)
7. Total Eclipse: Transparent Mind (142 bpm)
8. Hallucinogen: LSD (139 bpm)
9. Technossomy: Elektron Bender (143 bpm)
10. Astral Projection: Time Begann With The Universe (Another Time Mix) (139 bpm)
11. Jaia: Brainstorm (145 bpm)
12. Aural Traxx: Brainworm (146 bpm)
13. X-Dream: This (150 bpm)
14. Eden Transmission: I'm So High (136 bpm)
15. Lunatic Asylum: The Meltdown (165 bpm)
16. Art Of Trance: Kaleidoscope (139 bpm)

zip file: 107.88 MB
VBR bitrate

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VARIOUS ARTISTS - Psychedelic Goa Test

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Psychedelic Goa Test (1997)

A pretty solid release, freshly unearthed from the spidery tomb of forgotten Hypnotic/Cleopatra Records bargain bin electronic music compilations, just for you!

1. Fuzzy Logic: Locomotiva (150 bpm)
2. Bypass Unit: Green Dreams (138 bpm)
3. Fuzzy Logic: Megga Goa (145 bpm)
4. Zyn X: Evolution (151 bpm)
5. Nature Bug: Liquid Aquator (139 bpm)
6. Holophonia: Epicykloid (160 bpm)
7. Sun Glory: Gaia - The Earth (150 bpm)
8. Strange Biscuit: Pseudo-Acoustic (140 bpm)
9. Evaporator: The Dark (165 bpm)
10. Terpsichore: Bogakka (145 bpm)

zip file: 136.71 MB
320 kbps

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

VARIOUS ARTISTS - UO@604 (Unknown Object At: Six Zero Four)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - UO@604 (Unknown Object At: Six Zero Four) (1999)

* From CD insert:

This CD would not have been possible without the globe-spanning, barrier-breaking, consciousness-connecting system known as The Internet. In May 1996 the Goa Mailing List was started to bring together like-minded Goa/psychedelic trance fans. The numbers soon grew as more and more people found out about it. Eventually, due to some name confusion with the Gun Owners of America, it was decided that the list's name should be changed. Legend has it that one list member mistook the numbers "604" for the word "GOA". We thought it was cool. In a matter of time, we changed the official name to The 604 List. In late June, 1998, murmurs of starting a label or releasing a listee-only CD began to bubble up from the depths of 604. The topic arose with increased frequency, and a few determined trance freaks set out to bring order to the boiling chaos. It was decided that any list member could contribute and that the track selection would be determined by a vote from the members of the list. Some songs were submitted directly over the Internet, others came by mail. All totaled, 18 different artists contributed 34 songs for the project. Each and every song was then encoded in the MP3 format and put up on the web for the listees to download and compare for voting. The votes were tallied. Nine of the original 34 were selected for the final CD. Five different countries are represented on this CD: USA, UK, Norway, Argentina, and the Netherlands. The cover artwork was also selected by votes from the list members. A lot of time and hard work went into this project; we all hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we all enjoyed making it.

1. Divinorum: Antigravity (138 bpm)
2. Microcosm: Eternal Circle (143 bpm)
3. Engines Of Creation: Find Your Mind (148 bpm)
4. Ferrapsylix: Extracted (145 bpm)
5. DotH/Multidimensional: Realm Of Spirals (150 bpm)
6. Shakti Twins: Saimon (139 bpm)
7. KinetiK: Dreamseeker (140 bpm)
8. fibrOptic: Amorphism (145 bpm)
9. Mindprobe: Nightmare (155 bpm)

zip file: 168.13 MB
320 kbps

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While this is technically a various artists compilation, all music contained within was written and produced by former Benedictine monk, Michael Godfrey, under various monikers. I originally learned of his music through the UO@604 (Unknown Object At: Six Zero Four) compilation, released by Tranceplant Records, which consisted of tracks selected from a contest on the 604 (That's code for Goa, for those not in the know) internet message board in 1998. This album is quite good, and is a little more uplifting than I expected (his track, 'Amorphism', on the UO@604 compilation was pretty intense) - although it does have its dark spots - and is, overall, a nice little mental journey. Take the trip!

1. Sadaatvia: Download (123 bpm)
2. fibrOptic: Amorphism v.2 (145 bpm)
3. Theophane: Transfiguration (148 bpm)
4. Angelica And Opal: Visceral (146 bpm)
5. fibrOptic: Mandala (149 bpm)
6. Octavia: Ephedrine (145 bpm)
7. Ra-Havel: Visionary (150 bpm)
8. Benedictus: Juniper And Tears (120 bpm)
9. Saint Michael Of Godfrey: End of Transmission (0 bpm)

zip file: 162.53 MB
320 kbps

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VARIOUS ARTISTS - Pondou Fever (mixed by DJ Dara-Lee)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Pondou Fever (mixed by DJ Dara-Lee)

This is a beautiful compilation/DJ mix of uplifting downtempo, morning and deep trance, with a splash of Goa for color. Another hard to find album brought to you by your friendly foam-beaked bird.

1. Ohmega: Tribe Panacea (110 bpm)
2. Vallyman: Virtual Environment ( 135 bpm)
3. OJ Project: Locator (135 bpm)
4. Massimo Vivona: Massimo Vivona (135 bpm)
5. Shiva Chandra: Mendrum (140 bpm)
6. Chromosome: High As Hell (142 bpm)
7. Juno Reactor: Landing (71 bpm)
8. Menis: Rakebeat (135 bpm)

zip file: 129.34 MB
320 kbps

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- OR -

Get the mixed, one-file version HERE! (129.68 MB / 320 kbps)

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Deep, wonderful psychedelic Goa trance for the body, mind and spirit. One of my absolute favorite classic releases from Flying Rhino Records.

1. The Manipulators: Biological Manipulations (137 bpm)
2. Process & Tristan: Dealing With Demons (140 bpm)
3. Blue Planet Corporation: Cyclothymic (150 bpm)
4. Slinky Wizard: The Wizard (KoxBox Remix) (145 bpm)
5. Stripper: Not Now I've A Plane To Catch (144 bpm)
6. Psychaos: Dense Dawn (143 bpm)
7. Syb Unity Network: Morphogenesis (144 bpm)
8. Darshan: Tranceformation (148 bpm)
9. Process: Beyond The Internal Horizon (146 bpm)
10. Slinky Wizard: The James Bond Theme (License To Slink) (136 bpm)

zip file: 184.15 MB
320 kbps

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


FLYING RHINO RECORDS - Black Rhino (1997)

A bit faster, harder and darker than the White Rhino compilation, Black Rhino lets loose a stampede throughout your mind and body, shaking the floors and melting the walls along the way! A fantastic nighttime journey, featuring some of the absolute best of the record label's staples.

1. Slinky Wizard: Sacred Fist (140 bpm)
2. Slide: Saturnalia: (141 bpm)
3. Twisted Travellers: Strange Creatures (145 bpm)
4. Alienated: Not For Children (145 bpm)
5. Slinky Wizard: Fist Full Of Mutants (145 bpm)
6. Darshan: Black Magic (150 bpm)
7. Planet Slink: Suffocate Bullet (150 bpm)
8. Space Tribe: Ultraviolet Catastrophe (149 bpm)

zip file: 163.16 MB
320 kbps

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(original post: February 13, 2008 @ 10:20 PM)

A fantastic compilation from Flying Rhino Records that is a bit on the lighter side than many of their other psytrance releases. There is a multitude of styles to be found in this album, from downtempo/drum 'n' bass to acid tribal and progressive psytrance, with a spoonful of Goa to help the medicine go down, in the most delightful way!

1. Western Rebel Alliance: Slewake (85/170 bpm)
2. Red Seal: Mice On Mars (90bpm)
3. Psyko Disko: Ikengo (128 bpm)
4. Germinator: Hyena (141 bpm)
5. Planet B.E.N.: Orang-u-tangent (141 bpm)
6. Ololiuqui: Joahey (141 bpm)
7. Bumbling Loons: Loonacy (139 bpm)
8. Slinky Wizard: People Like Us (136 bpm)
9. Nasha feat. Mad Sheer Khan: Chai Machine (138 bpm)
10. Blue Planet Corporation: Crystal (140 bpm)

zip file: 169.13 MB
320 kbps

Get it HERE! (NEW LINK: 5/18/2016)

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FLYING RHINO RECORDS - Flights 1 - 8 (Complete Set)

FLYING RHINO RECORDS - Flights 1 - 8 (Complete Set) (1996 - 2001)

If you are a fan of classic Goa trance or psytrance, then Flying Rhino Records should need no introduction. And if you're new to the musical genre, this is one of the best introductions you'll ever find. It also serves as a terrific time capsule, representing the evolution of not only the label's sound, but the true evolution of trance music from the mid-90s into the new millennium. Long out of print, these suckers are extremely hard to find on physical media, and bank-breaking to buy secondhand, as they are worth some serious nectar.

FLYING RHINO RECORDS - First Flight (1996)

1. Slinky Wizard: The Wizard (Hallucinogen Moon Strudel Remix) (136 bpm)
2. Pleiadians: Zeta Reticuli (Lazy Spiral Mix) (141 bpm)
3. Slinky Nuns: Shitty Stick (Better Than A Poke In The Eye With A) (140 bpm)
4. Hallucinogen: Trancespotter (147 bpm)
5. Sheyba: Trance Africa Express (145 bpm)
6. Slinky Wizard: Funkus Munkus (143 bpm)
7. Technossomy: Indiginus (145 bpm)
8. X-Dream: Create Your Own Happiness (139)

zip file: 165.63 MB
320 kbps

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FLYING RHINO RECORDS - Second Flight - Turbulence (1998)

1. Bumbling Loons: Rumbling Toon (142 bpm)
2. Freak Disciple: Freedom Engine (140 bpm)
3. Byte 1: Byte 1 (140 bpm)
4. Slinky Wizard: Fridge Full Of Mutants (Remix) (147 bpm)
5. Alienated: Injection (145 bpm)
6. Jammy Wizard: AngstRom Dispidooshan (145 bpm)
7. Sharas: Granulated Rock (138 bpm)
8. Darshan - The Beast (146 bpm)
9. Deflo: Implacable (145 bpm)

zip file: 178.7 MB
320 kbps

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FLYING RHINO RECORDS - Third Flight - Slipstream (1998)

1. Atmos: Klein Aber Doctor (140 bpm)
2. Slide: Confusional State (138 bpm)
3. Stoop & Fidget: Mudless (138 bpm)
4. Kopfuss Resonator: Holy Water (143 bpm)
5. Venom: Try It (143 bpm)
6. Dragon: Freak The Greek (142 bpm)
7. Bus: Something's Always Out There (140 bpm)
8. Blue Planet Corporation: Micromega (141 bpm)
9. O.J. Project: Tribal Chord Projection (132 bpm)

zip file: 173.61 MB
320 kbps

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FLYING RHINO RECORDS - Fourth Flight - Velocity (1999)

1. Sleeper: Severe Clear (143 bpm)
2. Atmos: Bad 2 The Bone (142 bpm)
3. Slinky Wizard: Hit And Run (144 bpm)
4. Stoop & Fidget: Hardware (138 bpm)
5. Bumbling Loons: Onhcet (144 bpm)
6. K.U.R.O.: Freexone (147 bpm)
7. Venom vs. Bus: Bugged (140 bpm)
8. Astronomikx: After Life (140 bpm)
9. Bus: Bullet (142 bpm)

zip file: 178.94 MB
320 kbps

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FLYING RHINO RECORDS - Fifth Flight - Mælstrøm (1999)

1. Purple Buddha: Remote (140 bpm)
2. Slinky Wizard: Laminator X (142 bpm)
3. Tristan v. A Green Nun: Babel Fish (138 bpm)
4. Darshan: Phased Transition (140 bpm)
5. Cass v. Slide: Mephisto's Child (Stoop & Fidget Remix) (143 bpm)
6. ManMadeMan: Halt Production (145 bpm)
7. K.U.R.O.: Ghost (147 bpm)
8. Bamboo Forest: Wave Table (145 bpm)
9. Death Snare Pussies: Pussy Whipped (142 bpm)

zip file: 167.79 MB
320 kbps

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FLYING RHINO RECORDS - Sixth Flight - Nightvision (2000)

1. Unknown Controllers: Unknown Control (136 bpm)
2. S-Range: Kym (146 bpm)
3. ManMadeMan: Masher (150 bpm)
4. Bamboo Forest: Own Way (145 bpm)
5. 4D: Sonic Behaviour 2 (142 bpm)
6. Dragon: Fuse (136 bpm)
7. Bumbling Loons: Omen (143 bpm)
8. Bus: Finissimo (140 bpm)

zip file: 129.7 MB
256/320 kbps

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FLYING RHINO RECORDS - Seventh Flight - Elevation (2000)

1. Tristan & Si Wild: They're After Us! (142 bpm)
2. Bamboo Forest: Toast (142 bpm)
3. Planet B.E.N.: Schleiffer (136 bpm)
4. Dragon: Porn Again (140 bpm)
5. Son Kite: Youngel (144 bpm)
6. Word Of Mouth: Fresh Perspective (145 bpm)
7. Biodegradable: Ayakhustyx (145 bpm)
8. Marcus C. Maichel & DJ Sancar: Ox (Remix) (147 bpm)
9. S-Range: Free Upgrade (142 bpm)

zip file: 170.14 MB
320 kbps

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FLYING RHINO RECORDS - 8th Flight - Gravitation (2001)

1. Blue Planet Corporation: Entropie (140 bpm)
2. Igneous Sauria: Square Vacuum (141 bpm)
3. Great Leap Forward: White Whales (140 bpm)
4. Planet B.E.N.: (135 bpm)
5. ManMadeMan: Do Anything (140 bpm)
6. Interface: Audiobaseone (140 bpm)
7. Wizzy Noise: System Fault (136 bpm)
8. Killer Hertz: The Rains (142 bpm)
9. Biodegradable: Velvet Swamp (138 bpm)

zip file: 161.87 MB
320 kbps

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016


TELEPATHE / SUNNI GEINI - Split 7" (2008)

Here's one that I meant to post on my blog back in 2008, but had abandoned my nest and it was too late. No, wait... scratch that. It's never too late!

1. Telepathe: Chromes On It
2. Sunni Geini: SG Main Theme

zip file: 13.8 MB
160/240 kbps

Get it HERE!

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Monday, May 16, 2016

HE SAID OMALA - Matching Crosses

HE SAID OMALA - Matching Crosses (1997)

As I said in my last post, He Said Omala's only other release besides 'Catch Supposes' is this remix album. But don't expect to hear the same songs over and over again here. Each remix is a completely new entity, and takes on life of its own. Quite a bit different in tone and atmosphere than 'Catch Supposes', 'Matching Crosses' is still a very solid album worth many deep listens.

1. Here But Us Chickens (Solid Or Vanish - Descendence Remix)
2. Liquor Appears (Solid or Vanish - Krister Linder Remix)
3. Roaring Hat Seeds (Sea Horse Trading - Jean-Louis Huhta & Simon J. Hartley Remix)
4. Troubled Mind (Blue Bayou cover)
5. Oil Met Gravel (Post Code Orange - Bruce Gilbert Remix)
6. Idols O'Varnish (Solid Or Vanish - Edvard Graham Lewis Remix)

zip file: 72.28 MB
VBR (256-320) kbps

Get it HERE!

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HE SAID OMALA - Catch Supposes

HE SAID OMALA - Catch Supposes (1997)

I absolutely love everything about this album. It's the only proper album these guys ever released under this name, the only other album being a remix album, which is also very good. They put out quite a few experimental synth albums in the 80s, under the name Omala (I will post some of that at a later time), and a more upbeat techno, almost Goa trance, album and EP in 1996, under the name Obconic.

This album is slow, odd and beautiful, with vocals calling to mind The Wolfgang Press. A classic mind-melting downtempo/IDM monolith. Definitely check this one out, folks!

1. Bedeck-A-Neck
2. Sea Horse Trading
3. An Itch
4. Solid Or Vanish
5. Water Tight Seal
6. Post Code Orange

zip file: 96.58 MB
256 kbps

Get it HERE!

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GUSGUS - Standard Stuff For Drama EP

GUSGUS - Standard Stuff For Drama EP (1997)

A companion EP to the 'Polydistortion' album. Features an edit of the 16B remix of Believe, and the Gun Acid remix from the 'Polydistortion' white label 12", along with the album versions of Polyesterday and Believe as well two exclusive remixes, including the wonderful Polymovie (soundtrack), which was used for the Polyesterday music video (if you haven't seen it, you need to)! Essential to any GusGus fan's collection.

1. Polyesterday
2. Barry A/B
3. Gun Acid
4. Believe
5. Believe (Underdog Instrumental)
6. Polymovie (Soundtrack)

zip file: 78.42 MB
320 kbps

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GUSGUS - Believe EPs 1& 2

GUSGUS - Believe EPs 1& 2 (1997)

The second single from GusGus's 4AD album, 'Polydistortion', split into two volumes. Awesome remixes of an awesome song - the 16B remix is so good! Hear for yourself.

GusGus - Believe 1 (1997)

1. Believe (Radio Edit)
2. Oh (Full Version)
3. Cold Breath '79 (Craze)
4. Ghetto Belief

zip file: 42.37 MB
320 kbps

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GusGus - Believe 2 (1997)

1. Believe (16B Remix)
2. Believe (LFO Remix)
3. Believe (LP Version)
4. Believe (Biggo Mix)
5. Believe (Premix)

zip file: 64.55 MB
320 kbps

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GUSGUS - Polyesterday EPs 1 & 2

GUSGUS - Polyesterday EPs 1 & 2 (1998)

In 1998, GusGus released another set of Polyesterday EPs in two volumes. And here they are!

GusGus - Polyesterday 1 (1997)

1. Polyesterday (Radio Edit)
2. Polyesterday (Carl Craig Shot In The Leg Vox)
3. Polyesterday (Bix & Ottar Mix)
4. Purple (Sasha V The Light Edit)

zip file: 44.65 MB
320 kbps

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GusGus - Polyesterday 2 (1998)

1. Polyesterday (Radio Edit)
2. Polyesterday (Amon Tobin Remix)
3. Gun (Schizoid-Man Remix)
4. Why? (Remixed by DJ Vadim for Jazz Fudge Delicacies)

zip file: 39.48 MB
320 kbps

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GUSGUS - Polyesterday EP (NEW LINK!!!)

GUSGUS - Polyesterday EP (1996) (LINK UPDATED!)

One of my favorite GusGus EPs ever, this includes a dreamy version of Polyesterday, a strange, abstract version of Cold Breath '79 and the full Polydistortion remix! This was released the year before the Polydistortion album, and a year after the self-titled Icelandic release.

1. Polyesterday
2. Cold Breath '79 (Crystallised)
3. Polyesterday - Late
4. Poldistortion

zip file: 46.77 MB
320 kbps

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GUSGUS - Polyesterday 12" (Shaken Not Stirred Recordings) (NEW LINK!!!)

GUSGUS - Polyesterday 12" (Shaken Not Stirred Recordings) (1997) (LINK UPDATED!)

I love this 12" release! The remixes are lush and cinematic; very neat stuff!

1. Polyesterday "Who's Epic Dillusion Part 1"
2. Polyesterday (Thievery Corporation Remix)
3. Polyesterday "Textural Healing (The Epic Dillusion Part 2)"

zip file: 24.07 MB
160 kbps

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GUSGUS - Polydistortion 12" (White Label) (NEW LINK!!!)

GUSGUS - Polydistortion 12" (White Label) (1997) (LINK UPDATED!)

Really cool white label 12" release, with some really neat mixes, especially the 'delay' versions! For extra fun, try listening to Polydistortion and Polydelay synced/simultaneously!

1. Polydistortion
2. Barry Delay
2. Gun (Acid)
3. Polydelay

zip file: 34.53 MB
160 kbps

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GUSGUS - GusGus (1995) (LINK UPDATED!)

(original post: August 31, 2008 @ 10:50 PM)

Here is the incredible self-titled debut from another of my (obviously) favorite bands in the world, GusGus! This came two years before their "Polydistortion" album, and although the track listing has all of the same songs, they are almost completely different versions (with the exception of 'Why?', 'Believe', 'Remembrance', 'Jesus' and 'Purple'). And really awesome versions, for that matter. This is next to impossible to find on cd or vinyl, but here it is in glorious 320 kbps, just for you!

1. Gun
2. Barry
3. Polyester Day
4. Chocolate
5. Oh
6. Why?
7. Believe
8. Cold Breath '79
9. Remembrance
10. Is Jesus Your Pal?
11. Message From Disney
12. Purple

zip file: 160.36 MB
320 kbps

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* If you like this album, please support the artist and buy it from their Bandcamp page.

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GUSGUS - Chocolate 12" (NEW LINK!!!)

GUSGUS - Chocolate 12" (1996) (LINK UPDATED!)

(original post: December 21, 2008 @ 12:18 PM)

Here's a super funky single from GusGus, from their self-titled debut album. Excellent 320 kbps quality, too!

1. Chocolate
2. Chocolate (Techno)
3. Barry (Grave)
4. Cold Breath '79 (Craze)

zip file: 51.02 MB
320 kbps

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GUGUS - Live @ Lille - 9 March, 2000

GUGUS - Live @ Lille - 9 March, 2000

Another awesome live recording from GusGus, this time fully instrumental and positively spacey!

1. Instrumental 1
2. Believe (Instrumental 2)
3. Spacelab (Instrumental 3)
4. Instrumental 4
5. Detention (Extended - Instrumental 5) / Acidwimp
6. Instrumental 6
7. Instrumental 7

zip file: 93.17 MB
192 kbps

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

GUSGUS - Mix @ Respect - Live at Queen, Paris, March 17, 1999

GUSGUS - Mix @ Respect - Live at Queen, Paris, March 17, 1999

Here's an interesting piece of the GusGus legacy: a live 45-minute DJ set that consists of instrumental remixes of the tracks "Acid Milk/Lactic". This is quite good, especially if you turn it up really loud and move your body along with it. Pretty hard to find, I had this posted in the "This Is Normal Singles" post back in 2008 (never fear, most of my GusGus posts will return very soon, along with some new ones that will make your eyes fall out of their sockets) in 192 kbps bit rate, but here's a much cleaner 320 kbps version to stick your beak into!

1. Mix @ Respect (45:37)

zip folder: 104.48 MB
320 kbps

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

GUSGUS - Live at Nantes, France (NEW LINK!!!)

GUSGUS - Live at Nantes, France (1997) (LINK UPDATED!)

(original post: November 15, 2008 @ 3:23 PM)

I randomly found this while surfing online one day, and I about shat myself when I listened to it. This is absolutely amazing! GusGus put on a hell of a show in their early days (actually, they still do)! Every song in this live set is top notch, in my opinion. Enjoy!

1. Intro
2. Gun
3. Barry
4. Polyesterday
5. Blue Mug
6. Remembrance
7. Believe
8. Barry Delay
9. Why?

zip file: 56.1 MB
128 kbps

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