Monday, November 17, 2008

BLUE PLANET CORPORTAION - "Compilation Tracks v1"

BLUE PLANET CORPORATION - "Compilation Tracks v1" (1997-2008)

Here is a compilation I made of BPC tracks that were made exclusively for various compilations. These are mainly more current songs; within the last 4 years.

You can really tell how his music has progressed and evolved over thew years. There is a huge variety of music on this compilation, and to be honest, it is probably the BPC album I have listened to the most. I am deeply in love with these tracks! I hope you all love them too! :o)

1. Wild City (from "Quality Relaxation" - Chill Tribe Records, 2005)
2. Alidade (Wizzy Noise Remix) (from "Levitation" - Candyflip Records, 2005)
3. Groove on the Moon (from "Hunters" - Red Cell Records, 2005)
4. Intrigue (from "Pulse 4: The 4th Dimension" - Sub Terranean Records, 1997)
5. Gengis Khan Reverie (from "Ear Pleasure" - Chill Tribe Records, 2007)
6. Cosmic Dancer (from "Refresh" - Aeon Records, 2005)
7. Earth Simulator (from "Healing Ananda" - Gaian Mind Records, 2008)
8. Antidote (Pleiadians Remix) (from "Retrodelic Vibes 4" - Avatar Records, 2008)
9. Alidade (Jirah Remix) (from "Plasma Ocean" - Psy Tropic Records, 2008)

VBR kbps





BLUE PLANET CORPORATION - "Digital Forward" (2002)

One of my favorite BPC singles ever, mainly beacuse this marks where (in my opinion) Gabriel Masurel began expanding his sound limitations. Too bad this also marks the death of Flying Rhino Records.

Incredibly immersing sounds to be heard in these two delicious tracks! Enjoy!!

A. Digital Forward
B. Entropie

192 kbps

Click HERE to move Forward!



BLUE PLANET CORPORATION - "Micromega" (1999)

:o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o)

A. Micromega (Bumbling Loons Remix)
B. Micromega (Jarrod and Gilbey Remix)

192 kbps

HERE you go!




BPC's 3rd 12" on Underground French-Kommunication. Fantastic Goa swirly-twirlies, as always! Enjoy!

A. Generator
B. Aquablue

192 kbps

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

ETNICA - "Alien Protein"

ETNICA - "Alien Protein" (1996)

Another classic mind-melting Goa album from Blue Room Released for you to sink your teeth into. Enjoy!

1. Screaming Butterfly
2. Chakra Active 8
3. Party Droid
4. Z-Plane Sunrise
5. Microdrive
6. Starship 101
7. Deep East
8. Trip Tonite

192 kbps

Click HERE for a shot of protein!


PARADISE CONNECTION - "Paradise Connection" (1995)

Goa Trance classic from Boris Blenn, aka Electric Universe! Mind-melting and floor-stomping! Enjoy!!

1. JD-Distortion
2. 111 Belltrees
3. Adic 3
4. Portamento
5. Longbaceglider on Solstice
6. Jeboa-Electrogarden
7. Source of Emotion

128 kbps

Click HERE to connect to paradise!


SAAFI BROTHERS - "Midnight's Children"

SAAFI BROTHERS - "Midnight's Children" (2000)

Another beautiful, mesmerizing brain-hugger from Saafi Brothers! Strap yourself in, hold onto the bar, and please keep your hands and feet inside the car at all time. The park is not liable for injuries.

1. Altered Future
2. Into the States of Consciousness
3. Free Senses
4. Wellness Farm
5. Mystical Chants
6. Degravitating
7. The Deep, Part 1
8. The Witness
9. The Deep, Part 2

160 kbps

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SAAFI BROTHERS - "Mystic Cigarettes"

SAAFI BROTHERS - "Mystic Cigarettes" (1997)

One of my favorite chillout albums in the entire world. Aptly named, "Mystic Cigarettes" is indeed great spliff music! Another fine diamond from Blue Room Released.

Saafi Brothers are Gabriel Le Mar, Alex Azary and Michael Kohlbecker.

Relax and expand your mind - Enjoy!

1. Sweet Sirenes
2. On Air
3. 2046
4. Together in Silence
5. Supervision
6. Internal Code Error (Album Version)
7. Internal Code Error (Philantropic Mix)

160 kbps

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

GUSGUS - "This Is Normal" Singles (Update)

Here's what I have for the singles from GusGus' "This Is Normal" album from 1999. Fantabulous!

*** New! Added today!

GUSGUS - "Instrumental Mixes" (1999)

**Thanks to President Bongo, head honcho in GG land, for posting this one on the message board! I have looked everywhere for this for 9 years! I'm one happy hummingbird.

1. Ladyshave
2. Teenage Sensation
3. Starlovers
4. Superhuman
5. Bambi
6. Snoozer
7. Blue Mug
8. Acid Milk

192 kbps

Get normalized HERE!

GUSGUS - "Ladyshave" (1999)

1. Ladyshave
2. Ladyshave (Roy Davis Jr.'s Lady Soul Remix)
3. Ladyshave (Tim "Love" Lee's Fully Bearded Mix)
4. Love vs Hate
5. Purple (Sasha Midnight in Reykjavik)
6. Ladyshave (Old School Lego Mix)
7. Ladyshave (Biggi's Megatron Man Mix)
8. Ladypunk

**Thanks to Juan for tracks 6-8!

VBR kbps

"Between my ears there is fog now."

GUSGUS - "Starlovers 1" (1999)

1. Starlovers (Edit)
2. Starlovers (Red Snapper Mix)
3. Starlovers (Freddy Fresh Mix)

320 kbps

"You are in love with something that will tell you who you are."

GUSGUS - "Starlovers 2" (1999)

1. Starlovers (Edit)
2. Starlovers (House of 909 Mix)
3. Starlovers (Megatron Man Got Together Mix)

320 kbps

"Love, God and affection"

GUSGUS - "V.I.P. (Very Important People) # 1" (1999)

1. V.I.P. (Radio Edit)
2. V.I.P. (Masters At Work Vocal Mix)
3. V.I.P. (Francois K. Vocal Edit)

320 kbps

"Your code will change, we're out of range"

GUSGUS - "V.I.P. #2" (1999)

1. V.I.P. (Radio Edit)
2. V.I.P. (Heller and Farley Fire Island Dub)
3. V.I.P. (Ron Trent Remix)

320 kbps

"I don't care if the scene is spoiling"


Saturday, November 8, 2008

JONDI & SPESH - "Sky City"

JONDI & SPESH - "Sky City" (1999)

This single takes me back to the days right after high school, when I was living in Longmont, CO and going to raves on a nightly basis. Wow. Those were some crazy times! I had some friends that I would drive out into the middle of nowhere with, park on the side of the road, blast some techno music and jam out under the stars. It was awesome! I can't believe that was almost a decade ago!

Anyway, these are some of the songs we would go nuts to. I especially love the 2nd track, "Impenetrable Sayonara". I hope you all enjoy it at least half as much as I did back then.

A. Sky City
B. Impenetrable Sayonara

VBR kbps

Click HERE to fly into the Sky.


I-F - "Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass"

I-F - "Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass" (2001)

A sweet breakbeat single from I-F, from their 1998 album "Fucking Consumer". Weird robo-alien voices and funky old-school breaks. This CD single sports some awesome remixes as well! Check it out!

1. Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass (Alden Tyrell's Radio Edit)
2. Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass (Zombie Nation Radio Edit)
3. Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass (Original Version)
4. Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass (Zombie Nation Mix)
5. Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass (Elektrochemie LKs Do Not Fxxx With Us Remix)

192 kbps

Click HERE for a hit of UFOria!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

PONI HOAX - "Poni Hoax"

PONI HOAX - "Poni Hoax" (2005)

The jaw-droppingly fantastic debut album from Poni Hoax!! PH hails from France, and are definitely one my favorite currently-active bands! From start to finish, this electro-art-rock-pop album never, ever disappoints! By all means, get this album!

1. She's on the Radio
2. Budapest
3. Carrie Ann
4. Involutive Star
5. Cheerleader in My Dreams
6. Drunks and Painters on Parade
7. I Shall Take It Anyway
8. L.A. Murder Motel
9. She Sells Anger
10.Fil Du Temps

VBR kbps

"You're just a little brat out of control"


Growling Mad Scientists - "Jaws"

Growling Mad Scientists - "Jaws" (1997)

Another classic Goa single! Wild and crazy, swirly and twirly - more mental floss to help chip away the built-up bullshit.

A1. Jaws
B1. Red Lights
B2. The Loaner

192 kbps

Growl and click HERE!


SPECTRAL - "Celtic Alchemy"

SPECTRAL - "Celtic Alchemy" (1996)

Wow, I'm shocked I haven't posted more stuff from Blue Room Released! BRR was an awesome Goa/Psy label in the mid 90's - early 00's . They sported some great acts, like X-Dream, Juno Reactor, Total Eclipse, Cydonia, Etnica and Saafi Brothers, just to name a few.

This is a shining example of the sounds of early Blue Room. Melodic, hypnotic, ethereal and throbbing! Enjoy!

1. Celtic Alchemy (Nothing is True Mix)
2. Kundalini
3. Moonstone
4. Celtic Alchemy (Magical Circles Mix)

VBR kbps

Click HERE to mix up the magic!


X-DREAM - "Trip To Trancesylvania (Reissue)"

X-DREAM - "Trip To Trancesylvania (In The Mix) (1996)

Here's the 1996 reissue, still on Tunnel records, so you can compare for yourselves. I really like the track "This", which replaced "It" from the original version. The one thing I really don't like about this version (perhaps the only thing) is that they cut out the entire first half (like 5 or 6 minutes) of "The 5th Dimension (Live In Paris)". That sort of bummed me out. But this is still a great album!

This reissue (subtitled "In The Mix), contained a QuickTime file of the music video for the song "This". You can find that HERE! :o)

More XD soon. Enjoy!

1. Trancesylvania X-press
2. This
3. The 5th Dimension (Live in Paris)
4. Time Beginns Tomorrow (Orbit Fly)
5. Children of the Last Generation
6. Automatic X
7. Live Fast - Die Young
8. C.O.T.L.G. (Rmx)

192 kbps

What is THIS?


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

X-DREAM - "Trip To Trancesylvania" (Original Version)

X-DREAM - "Trip To Trancesylvania" (Original Version) (1993)

Check it out! This is the debut album from X-Dream, released on Tunnel records in 1993. This version was eventually scrapped, and then made over and transformed into a new version in 1996. In this version the tracks are individual and do not fade in and out from one another. In the later version, the track order is rearranged, and the songs are mixed together. They also scrapped the entire first half of "The 5th Dimension (Live In Paris)", and dropped the track "It" and replaced it with "This". After the re-issue, this one became out of print, and is now quite a little Goa Trance collector's item. As for which is the better version, it is really hard to decide. Both find their way into my stereo and out of my speakers equally.

1. Trancesylvania X-press
2. Automatic X
3. The 5th Dimension (Live in Paris)
4. It
5. Live Fast - Die Young
6. Children of the Last Generation
7. Children of the Last Generation (Triplet Mix)
8. Time Begins Tomorrow (Orbit Fly)

192 kbps

Live Fast - Click HERE!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

X-DREAM - "Children Of The Last Generation"

X-Dream - "Children of the Last Generation" (1993)

Yaaay! Another X-Dream single from the album "Trip to Trancesylvania"! Let's celebrate - turn up the volume and we'll boogie!

1. Children of the Last Generation
2. Children of the Last Generation (Remix)
3. Children of the Last Generation (Triplet Mix)

320 kbps

Clicking HERE probably won't save the Children, but it's worth a shot...


X-DREAM - "Trancesylvania Xpress"

X-DREAM - "Trancesylvania Xpress" (1993)

Another classic diamond in the Techno Time Capsule! A meditative and groovy track to get up and move to, or sit back at groove to. This was back in X-Dream's baby stages. Listen to this (and love it) and then listen to the "We Interface"album that I posted earlier, and you can see how much their sound has evolved and modernized. Which is just more proof that they are absolute masters of their craft!

1. Trancesylvania Xpress
2. Trancesylvania Xpress (Mute Edit)
3. Trancesylvania Xpress (V-Edit)

VBR kbps

Click HERE to take the choo-choo to Triptown!


DANCE 2 TRANCE - "We Came In Peace"

DANCE 2 TRANCE - "We Came In Peace" (1993)

A classic single from the good old days! I still love this one and am impressed at how well it stands the test of techno-time.

1. We Came In Peace (93 Mix)
2. We Came In Peace (Original 90 Mix)
3. We Came In Peace (91 Mix)

192 kbps

Click HERE for all mankind.


Sunday, November 2, 2008


CAPTAIN COMATOSE - "$100" (2004)

Nifty songs + remixes from Captain Comatose! Yee-haw!

1. $100
2. $100 (GusGus President Penis Remix)
3. Price Gun Baby (GusGus Hunk of Man Remix)
4. $100 (Munk Remix)

192 kbps

"You gotta dress me up, take me out, show me off before we get to the freaky stuff"


GUSGUS - "Extra Stuff"

GUSGUS - "Extra Stuff"


Here's some songs that never made it into my posts. Some cool stuff on here. The 1st track, 'Cruz', is by request. It is not the best quality in the world but after extensive search this was the only thing I could find anywhere! But it's still a really neat song. I am still looking for the track "Lactic", so if any of you good people reading this happen to come across it, please let me know! :)

This is, as always, a wonderfully delicious GusGus treat. I hope you like it!

1. Cruz (Original Mix)
2. Cold Breath '79 (Husmix)
3. Starlovers (Dirty Bix Mix)
4. V.I.P. (Francois K. Mix)
5. V.I.P. (Francois K. Dub)
6. T-World: An-Them (Part One)
7. T-World: Oh
8. GusGus vs Roy Davis Jr: Got 2 Get 2 Heaven (GusGus Remix)
9. Martin Jarl Vs GusGus: Moonstruck (GusGus Remix)
10 Iceland

VBR kbps

"I am in love with something coming close from far"