Tuesday, November 4, 2008

X-DREAM - "Trancesylvania Xpress"

X-DREAM - "Trancesylvania Xpress" (1993)

Another classic diamond in the Techno Time Capsule! A meditative and groovy track to get up and move to, or sit back at groove to. This was back in X-Dream's baby stages. Listen to this (and love it) and then listen to the "We Interface"album that I posted earlier, and you can see how much their sound has evolved and modernized. Which is just more proof that they are absolute masters of their craft!

1. Trancesylvania Xpress
2. Trancesylvania Xpress (Mute Edit)
3. Trancesylvania Xpress (V-Edit)

VBR kbps

Click HERE to take the choo-choo to Triptown!


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