Thursday, November 6, 2008

PONI HOAX - "Poni Hoax"

PONI HOAX - "Poni Hoax" (2005)

The jaw-droppingly fantastic debut album from Poni Hoax!! PH hails from France, and are definitely one my favorite currently-active bands! From start to finish, this electro-art-rock-pop album never, ever disappoints! By all means, get this album!

1. She's on the Radio
2. Budapest
3. Carrie Ann
4. Involutive Star
5. Cheerleader in My Dreams
6. Drunks and Painters on Parade
7. I Shall Take It Anyway
8. L.A. Murder Motel
9. She Sells Anger
10.Fil Du Temps

VBR kbps

"You're just a little brat out of control"


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