Thursday, November 6, 2008

X-DREAM - "Trip To Trancesylvania (Reissue)"

X-DREAM - "Trip To Trancesylvania (In The Mix) (1996)

Here's the 1996 reissue, still on Tunnel records, so you can compare for yourselves. I really like the track "This", which replaced "It" from the original version. The one thing I really don't like about this version (perhaps the only thing) is that they cut out the entire first half (like 5 or 6 minutes) of "The 5th Dimension (Live In Paris)". That sort of bummed me out. But this is still a great album!

This reissue (subtitled "In The Mix), contained a QuickTime file of the music video for the song "This". You can find that HERE! :o)

More XD soon. Enjoy!

1. Trancesylvania X-press
2. This
3. The 5th Dimension (Live in Paris)
4. Time Beginns Tomorrow (Orbit Fly)
5. Children of the Last Generation
6. Automatic X
7. Live Fast - Die Young
8. C.O.T.L.G. (Rmx)

192 kbps

What is THIS?


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