Monday, March 31, 2008

MAKYO - "Rasa Bhava"

MAYKO - "Rasa Bhava" (1995)

Lord Above, this is a chill-inducing album! I love love love this album, and I can't express that enough. But really, I can say that pretty easily about any Makyo album.

Makyo is Giovanni Fazio, the American-born, but Japan-inhabiting Master of the Deep Unconscious. This is his very first release, on Entropica records in 1995. It's a bit more dancey than his second album, "Shringara", which I posted a while back, but this is still super laid back and chill, with that whole opium-den vibe that completely drips from each of his albums.

1. Dakini (Sky Dancer)
2. Salasvati
3. Devabandha (Tantric Laswell Mix)
4. Iruka
5. Tarab
6. Mahakala
7. Devabandha (Second Coming)
8. A Piece Of Forgotten Song Drifting Across The Water (Haad Rin Sunrise Mix)

192 Bitrate

"How can you say that when you're talking about an infinite universe?!"




THE GOONIES - Remixes (1986)

While I'm on the subject of the Goonies, here is the remix album, containing different versions of the three hit songs from the movie, "Goonies 'R' Good Enough" by Cyndi Lauper, "Eight Arms To Hold You" by Goon Squad, and "14K" By Teena Marie!

I actually prefer some of these tracks to the originals. Sloth says, "Heeeey you guys - check this one out!"

1. Cyndi Lauper - Goonies 'R' Good Enough (Dance Remix)
2. Cyndi Lauper - Goonies 'R' Good Enough (Dub)
3. Cyndi Lauper - Goonies 'R' Good Enough (Live '85)
4. Goon Squad - Eight Arms To Hold You (Vocal Mix)
5. Goon Squad - Eight Arms To Hold You (Dub)
6. Goon Squad - Eight Arms To Hold You (Bonus Beats)
7. Teena Marie - 14K (Extended Dance Mix)
8. Teena Marie - 14K (Extended Instrumental Version)

192 Bitrate

"Here we are, hanging on to strands of green and blue."

***Special shout out to Vinnie Rattolle for providing this album!


Sunday, March 30, 2008

THE GOONIES - Read-A-Long!

THE GOONIES - Read-A-Long (1986)

Hehehe... that picture always puts a sick joke in my head...

Oh man, I probably listened to this album as much as I watched the movie as a kid! I was all about the Goonies! Heck, I'm still all about the Goonies - I won't lie!

This is the story of how the Goonies saved the Goondocks, as narrated by Chunk!

This is really funny as an adult. And if you've seen the movie a million times, which I'm sure you have, then you will probably laugh when Chunk mispronounces Data's name (which is literally every single time). Wasn't he a part of the movie? Didn't he know that he was saying the name wrong over and over again? Or did his opinion not even matter? I guess he should be lucky that he was even on the album, because over half of the voices are obviously different people than from the film. OH well, this is still tons of fun, and is like a retro mushroom-slap to the face! It even includes the entire read-along booklet!

You'll know that it's time to turn the page when you hear the chimes ring, like THIS!


Thursday, March 27, 2008



This is a really fun album! Check it out, because it is guaranteed to put a huge grin on your face! Especially the first and last songs! This is one of the better kids' show disco albums out there... (of which there are more than you would think). Love it or hate it, you'll still probably make it to the end pretty easily. I like this album a lot, in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 sort of way... There isn't a moment you can't make fun of.

Also note, this one sports the vocal talents of disco-boogie legend, Robin Gibb! Hoooyeah!

1. C Is For Cookie
2. Doin' The Pigeon
3. Has Anybody Seen My Dog
4. Rubber Duckie
5. Sesame Street Fever
6. Trash

128 Bitrate

"Cookies! Get your sweet sweet cookies! Singing and dancing cookies!"

*** I don't remember where I picked this album up from. But it was definitely a music blog. So if you think this might have come from you, let me know so I can give you your due props!

**** ADDED BONUS!!! The companion piece, which I do like just a little bit more, because the production values are a lot higher, and the songs are cooler. Also, Kermit the frog REALLY classes the joint up with an awesome version of 'Bein' Green'.


1. The Happiest Street In The World
2. Bein' Green
3. Me Lost Me Cookie At The Disco
4. Sing
5. Disco Frog
6. What Makes Music
7. The Happiest Street In The World (Reprise)
8. Doin' The Trash

160 Bitrate

"On a lilypad, all dressed in white, he appears there!"


Wednesday, March 26, 2008



To start off my Retro Kids' section, I thought I would post what I think is quite possibly the most INSANE thing I have ever heard in my life! NO JOKE!

Released almost immediately after the Aileen Quinn blockbuster, this little jaunt into musical happiness and physical fitness(!) is cram-packed with wholesome racism and sexual creepiness, and even condones kidnapping! How can you pass this one up?

This album is drastically more fun than one could ever hope for! Granted, I was an "Annieholic" as a youngster, but even now, much older, and with my jaded, perverted sense of humor, this album is almost addictive. Why, you ask? Or better yet - HOW? Well, let me lay down the story...

So one day at the Warbucks Mansion, a very busy Oliver Warbuck answers a knock at the door. It's a travelling "fitness salesman", Professor Fitness and his "No Flab Revue". The guy sounds suspiciously like T.K. Carter, from Punky Brewster. He tries desperately to persuade Daddy Warbucks into getting off his fat, lazy ass and do some calisthenics! After some major resistance ("The man is obviously insane! Punjab! Get this man out of here!"), the lovable penny-pincher eventually caves in, grabs Annie and Mrs. Farrell and they all cut a rug - to instrumental disco versions of songs from the musical!

BUT WAIT - It gets better (and much, much weirder)!

So they all decide to go to the park and do some more exercising there. And that the more is, in fact, all the merrier. So they decide to randomly kidnap people against their will (really, I swear) and force them into dancing away their excess flab!

I want to say that children's records don't get any weirder than this, but I've found some doozies and plan on posting them as well!

Hope you enjoy this! I promise you that you will at least be very entertained!

192 Bitrate

"But if I felt too lonely, it wasn't very far to the corner drugstore, where I'd buy a candy bar!"

***Thanks to Way Out Junk for this fantastic album!



Greets, Peeps!

I have been racking my brain trying to find something to tie in my next few posts nicely, but I am having no luck... so I am just going to do it.

I am going to post some really wacky retro kids' stuff, to soothe the psychotic inner child in me (and hopefully some of you too).

Don't worry, I haven't turned into a children's blog - In a weird way, these will fit the trippy/psychedelic theme that my page has got going (for the most part).

So you will be seeing some rather off-kilter posts every once in a while, but when you do youshould check them out. There's a reason I put it on here!

That's about it for now my good peeps - back to the albums for your listening pleasure.



Tuesday, March 25, 2008

AXIOM FUNK - "If 6 Was 9"

AXIOM FUNK - "If 6 Was 9" (1995)

Don't know much about this band, other than it features Bootsy Collins on vocals and Buckethead on guitar! And that this track is totally amazing! It's obviously a cover of the legendary Hendrix song, and probably the best one anyone has ever done!!

I couldn't find an album cover to this anywhere, so I posted the music video instead! Which is awesome, because the video kicks ass!!!!

1. If 6 Was 9 (DXT Radio Edit)
2. If 6 Was Phunky
3. If 6 Was 9 (DXT Instrumental Mix)
4. If 6 Was 9 Minutes

192 Bitrate

"White-collar conservative walkin' down the street...pointin' that plastic finger at me!"


Monday, March 24, 2008

APHEX TWIN - "Girl/Boy" EP

APHEX TWIN - "Girl/Boy" EP (1995)

Ok, ok... this is my last R.D.J. album for a little while, I promise (unless someone asks me to keep going...)

This is probably my favorite EP from Aphex Twin, although it is definitely the shortest. 3 of the tracks are under 2 minutes, but are still smashers! The opening track is AMAZING, incorporating classical music with insanely fabulous IDM beats. I can not stop listening to this one!

Also, the song "Milk Man" is one of the funniest Aphex Twin songs ever (running close with "Funny Little Man" from the 'Come To Daddy' EP).

Please enjoy this one. If you like really creative and original electronic music, I can almost promise you you'll love it.

1. Girl/Boy (NLS Mix)
2. Milk Man
3. Inkey$
4. Girl/Boy (£18 Snare Rush Mix)
5. Beetles
6. Birl/Boy (Redruth Mix)

192 Bitrate

"I wish the milkman would deliver my milk in the morning."



POWERPILL - "Pacman" (1992)

Powerpill Pacman! Surely the name alone is enough to spark some curiosity in you...

This is a single by Richard D. James (From Aphex Twin, in case you haven't been keeping up with the last few posts), under the pseudonym "Powerpill". And if you are familiar with his work, then you can probably guess pretty easily what this album is going to be like. No, really. Guess...

A-ha! You're right! What we have are some insanely weird and incredibly well-thought out techno remixes of the Pac-Man video game theme.

You would think 5 remixes of the same cheesy song would get old pretty quickly. But no. This crazy EP keeps changing so much it's schizophrenic.

1. Pacman (Original)
2. Pacman (Edit)
3. Pacman (Ghost Mix)
4. Pacman (Choci's Hi-Score Mix)
5. Pacman (Mickey Finn's Yum Yum Mix)

192 Bitrate

Grab some cherries, turn the ghosts blue, and click HERE!


AFX - "Analogue Bubblebath 1"

AFX (Aphex Twin) - "Analogue Bubblebath 1" (1991)

Here's another crunchy and munchy EP from the guy who never fails to give me musical boners - Richard D. James!!

This one is from 1991, and is the first in a series of five albums. Beautifully controlled chaos!

1. Analogue Bubblebath
2. Isoprophlex
3. En Trance To Exit
4. AFX 2

192 Bitrate

Click HERE for your sudsy stereophonic spectacular!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

THE APHEX TWIN - "Digeridoo"

THE APHEX TWIN - "Digeridoo" (1993)

Ok, it's about damn time for me to put some Aphex Twin on my page! I adore Richard D. James' psychotic, warped take on EDM! And I especially love his older work!

This one is wonderful! To this day, it's one of the most original techno EPs ever made.

1. Digeridoo
2. Flap Head
3. Phloam
4. Isoprohlex

320 Bitrate

For a sexy good time, click HERE!



BLUE PLANET CORPORATION - "Overbloody Flood" (1993)

The very 1st release from one of my favorites, Blue Planet Corporation! Released in 1993 on the Underground French-Kommunication label, this is a really neat trance EP that makes me feel like I'm in a spacesuit, moving through the cosmos - cut off from outside contacts and flipping around in constant backwards circles. Lift-off in 3, 2, 1....

1. Overbloody Flood
2. Midian
3. Genetic

192 Bitrate

Receive your interstellar transmission HERE!




Here's the incredible 2nd EP from Blue Planet Corporation! Beautiful and deeply hypnotic - this is swirly, twirly mental floss at it's finest!

1. Juno Satellite
2. Psychonaut
3. Lubiantia
4. Hemo Static
5. Overbloody Flood (Original Mix)

192 Bitrate

To launch yourself into the next dimension, click HERE!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SLINKY WIZARD - "Slinky Wizard" EP

SLINKY WIZARD - "Slinky Wizard" (1994)

Of course I'm going to post this on my blog! What, do you think I'm crazy or something? I couldn't forget the very 1ST EVER release from Flying Rhino Records! That would be ludicrous!

1. Wizard
2. Lunar Juice
3. The Rising

224 Bitrate

"Hang on boys, it's all downhill from here!"


DARSHAN - "Windchime" EP

DARSHAN - "Windchime" (1998)

It is with utmost pleasure and excitement that I present to you one of the absolute greatest psytrance EPs ever to grace the dance music world!

EXTREMELY hard to find, this out-of-print diamond is one of a kind! I hold this in the highest regards possible! You owe it to yourself to check this one out!!!

1. Windchime
2. Morphic Resonance

320 Bitrate

"...I started to find it more comfortable, but at first it was so terrifying!"


Thursday, March 13, 2008

ALIC - "French Tripping"

ALIC - "French Tripping" (2006)

Ahhh.... Alic. A really cool duo from Paris, Alic rustles up some hefty techno pie! On the experimental side, and always rocking your mind and body, this pair definitely has a sound all their own! They have 2 EP releases as of this far, this one from Antiritmo netlabel, and a newer one called "Evil Fairy" from Digital Diamonds netlabel.

If you like this album, then I suggest you visit both netlabels and have yourself a free downloading and dancing hoedown - tripout style!

1. Electrorcan
2. Zuckerbrot And Peitsche
3. French Tripping
4. F.T. - Bastardspechtremix

196 Bitrate

Put on your sunglasses, tilt your beret, and click HERE!


Z@P - "Café"

Z@P - "Café" (2007)

Here's another cool Flumo release! This one is a bit dancier than the other two, But it is really really cool! This one goes very well right after the Baldo album I posted earlier.

Here's what Flumo has to say about Z@p!

Z@p is a young dj and producer born in Montevideo suburbs who debuts with this Café. His style is hypnotically designed, making us to freak out through different sonic sketches to convey, no doubt, in the dancefloor. Filled with subtleties and samples, this 4 tracks combine elements adjacent to electro o minimal, highlighting this dj’s personal vision of the avant-garde. Wego is the artist who signs his own reinterpretation of the evocative and vaporous Café.

1. Café
2. Mood
3. De Vuelta Otre Vez
4. Café (Wego RMX)

320 Bitrate

Z@p your brain and eat it HERE!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BALDO - "Shooting Star"

BALDO - "Shooting Star" (2007)

Another Netlabel free release, this time from Neovinyl Netlabel. Baldo here has put out one heck of a techno-house EP! This is really laid back and pretty, yet totally danceable at the same time.

My personal favorite from the entire label. But you should go check them out - they have some really awesome stuff!

Heres the word on our pal Baldo, from the Neovinyl website:

Baldo, born 1983 in Jaén (Spain), breathes all the musical styles that are cooked during the following two decades in his country. Conscious of his love for the music, it's in the year 2000 when he acquires his first DJ equipment. Thus begins a way marked by a constant search of innovation.
In 2001 he moves to Málaga. In a little time he established in the electronic scene of Malaga and begins to play in different Clubs of the city, proposing an electronic and minimalist alternative to the House predominant trend. Later, he plays at important clubs of the Spanish circuit, like Metrodanceclub (Alicante) or Miga Club (Granada).

In 2005, with two companions founds Neovinyl. It's in that time when he initiates his career as electronic music producer. After he meets Carlo, who joins to the Neovinyl project.
In April of 2007 Baldo edits in Neovinyl his debut EP, "Shooting Star", where he shows the deep and pop side of his productions.

1. Shooting Star
2. An Ano Despues

3. The Beehive
4. Cicely

256 Bitrate

Close your eyes, make a wish and click HERE!


Sunday, March 9, 2008


ANDREY KIRITCHENKO - "Mort Aux Vaches" (2007)

This is a really neat live set from Andrey Kiritchenko. It sort of reminds me of a more electronic version of a really out-there Sonic Youth SYR session.

Very loud and brain-scrambling, yet slow and beautiful at the same time. An extremely talented one-man orchestra, Andrey K. has the ability to zone you out like no other. Enjoy!

Track One - Mort Aux Vauches (42 minutes)

224 Bitrate

Experience the sonic explosion HERE!


EL TXEF A - "Siempre Quedará Amuma's House"

EL TXEF A - "Siempre Quedará Amuma's House" (2007)

Golly gee whillikers, this is a fantastic album! I know I say that about everything that I post here (I never post anything I don't personally like), but that's because they're all great! This is one of the coolest albums from Spanish netlabel, Flumo! El Txef A is one of the most unique and original electronic acts to come around in a really long time.

Here is the album info from the Flumo website:

Our brand-new signing El Txef A is responsible for the avant-garde style that characterizes this Ep. Aitor Etxebarria ,linked to music by means of his brother,continues his training in music at this moment. If we could manage to gather Nathan Fake, Oliver Koletzki, Apparat and James Holden to have coffee and wonder about young and new talented musicians, we are sure that El Txef A would be in their minds. Enjoy these four gems and please don´t skip one of the ep´s that no doubt will be regarded as on of our classic works.

1. Siempre Quedará Amuma's House
2. Hitzak
3. Zuri-Beltzez
4. Una Mirada Al Cielo
5. Trouble

320 Bitrate

"It will always be Amuma's House"


Saturday, March 8, 2008

JAMES MONRO - "Battered/Deeper" EP

JAMES MONRO - "Battered/Deeper" EP (2004)

Here's a really neat EP from James Monro (Technossomy, Bumbling Loons, Juice, 4D)! It's pretty dang groovy, if I don't say so myself. Enjoy if folks!

1. Battered
2. Deeper

256 Bitrate

Batter and deep fry your mind HERE!



BLUE ROOM RELEASED - "Signs Of Life" (1998)

I love this album with all of my heart. It is simply amazing. Very cool psy/dub from another techno label I really like, Blue Room Released. This compilation is way slower and more mellow than most of the Goa/Psytrance stuff BRR usually put out back then. But I wouldn't describe this as ambient dub either, because this is still very danceable!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. :-)

1. KoxBox - Ambiavalentino / Turban Bloc - Five Million Years, They Knew...
2. Juno Reactor - Magnetic (Robert Leiner Dub Mix)
3. Sunkings - Man's Tale
4. Alien - Chupacabras
5. Spectral - Avalon
6. Liquid Z - Frozen Sand
7. Galaxy - Open Your Heart
8. Turban Bloc - As Above, So Below
9. Saafi Brothers - The Witness
10.The Delta - As A Child I could Walk On The Ceiling (Dub Mix)

** note that for some reason, this release combined the first two tracks by KoxBox and Turban Bloc into one track. In reverse order from which it appeared on the vinyl release , no less. And they did not add the KoxBox track's listing anywhere on the cd sleeve or back cover. Weird.

256 Bitrate

Uncover the truth HERE!


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

THE STARSEEDS - "Parallel Life"

THE STARSEEDS - "Parallel Life" (1998)

This is a really cool album! I came across it at a music store in Boulder back in 2000-2001. I was, of course, familiar with the two tracks from this album that appear on "Feed Your Head volume 3" compilation, so I snatched it right up and bought it.

I think you could call this album "Ambient Electro-Pop". Sort of a cross between Slowdive, Enya and old GusGus. A note of interest: The track "Sonne Mond und Sterne" was used in a really cool Volkswagen commercial back in the late 90's. See if you remember it. It's really pretty.

The Starseeds are: Alex McGowan and Regina Danhof (aka: Regina From The Future). As you can see in the photo below, these people have done some serious hallucinogens in their day.

1. Parallel Life
2. Behind The Sun
3. Timequakes
4. Sonne Mond und Sterne
5. Heavensairportcoffeeshoprestaurant
6. Subspace Radio Signals
7. Regina From The Future
8. Earth Moon and Stars
9. Elsewhere

256 Bitrate

"Behind the sun, where everyone is counted. If you make it there, you make it everywhere!"

Here's The "PARALLEL LIFE" Music Video!!! Awesome!


Sunday, March 2, 2008

MAKYO - "Shringara"

MAYKO - "Shringara" (1998)

One of the absolute best ambient tribal dub albums I have ever heard. I saw this in a record store one day and was familiar with the Makyo track which opens the Planet Dog "Feed Your Head, Volume 2" compilation, which I posted in my previous post - so I thought I would give it a whirl. And boy, am I glad I did. This album is sure to take your mind, body and spirit on a journey you will not soon forget! Amazing, beautiful, chilling, hypnotic and supurb in every aspect of the word. Put this album on to fall asleep to, and you're going to be in for some pleasant dreams!

My favorite songs on this album are: 'Chandan', 'Shringara', 'A Curious Yellow...' and 'Shanti Shanti'.

1. The Third Gate Of Dreams
2. Devadasi (Kif Mix)
3. Chandan
4. Drupak
5. Shringara (alaap, gat, dub, om)
6. A Curious Yellow...
7. The Second Gate Of Dreams
8. Shanti Shanti

256 Bitrate

"I woke up, inside of a dream."