Thursday, March 13, 2008

ALIC - "French Tripping"

ALIC - "French Tripping" (2006)

Ahhh.... Alic. A really cool duo from Paris, Alic rustles up some hefty techno pie! On the experimental side, and always rocking your mind and body, this pair definitely has a sound all their own! They have 2 EP releases as of this far, this one from Antiritmo netlabel, and a newer one called "Evil Fairy" from Digital Diamonds netlabel.

If you like this album, then I suggest you visit both netlabels and have yourself a free downloading and dancing hoedown - tripout style!

1. Electrorcan
2. Zuckerbrot And Peitsche
3. French Tripping
4. F.T. - Bastardspechtremix

196 Bitrate

Put on your sunglasses, tilt your beret, and click HERE!


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