Wednesday, March 26, 2008



To start off my Retro Kids' section, I thought I would post what I think is quite possibly the most INSANE thing I have ever heard in my life! NO JOKE!

Released almost immediately after the Aileen Quinn blockbuster, this little jaunt into musical happiness and physical fitness(!) is cram-packed with wholesome racism and sexual creepiness, and even condones kidnapping! How can you pass this one up?

This album is drastically more fun than one could ever hope for! Granted, I was an "Annieholic" as a youngster, but even now, much older, and with my jaded, perverted sense of humor, this album is almost addictive. Why, you ask? Or better yet - HOW? Well, let me lay down the story...

So one day at the Warbucks Mansion, a very busy Oliver Warbuck answers a knock at the door. It's a travelling "fitness salesman", Professor Fitness and his "No Flab Revue". The guy sounds suspiciously like T.K. Carter, from Punky Brewster. He tries desperately to persuade Daddy Warbucks into getting off his fat, lazy ass and do some calisthenics! After some major resistance ("The man is obviously insane! Punjab! Get this man out of here!"), the lovable penny-pincher eventually caves in, grabs Annie and Mrs. Farrell and they all cut a rug - to instrumental disco versions of songs from the musical!

BUT WAIT - It gets better (and much, much weirder)!

So they all decide to go to the park and do some more exercising there. And that the more is, in fact, all the merrier. So they decide to randomly kidnap people against their will (really, I swear) and force them into dancing away their excess flab!

I want to say that children's records don't get any weirder than this, but I've found some doozies and plan on posting them as well!

Hope you enjoy this! I promise you that you will at least be very entertained!

192 Bitrate

"But if I felt too lonely, it wasn't very far to the corner drugstore, where I'd buy a candy bar!"

***Thanks to Way Out Junk for this fantastic album!


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