Saturday, March 8, 2008


BLUE ROOM RELEASED - "Signs Of Life" (1998)

I love this album with all of my heart. It is simply amazing. Very cool psy/dub from another techno label I really like, Blue Room Released. This compilation is way slower and more mellow than most of the Goa/Psytrance stuff BRR usually put out back then. But I wouldn't describe this as ambient dub either, because this is still very danceable!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. :-)

1. KoxBox - Ambiavalentino / Turban Bloc - Five Million Years, They Knew...
2. Juno Reactor - Magnetic (Robert Leiner Dub Mix)
3. Sunkings - Man's Tale
4. Alien - Chupacabras
5. Spectral - Avalon
6. Liquid Z - Frozen Sand
7. Galaxy - Open Your Heart
8. Turban Bloc - As Above, So Below
9. Saafi Brothers - The Witness
10.The Delta - As A Child I could Walk On The Ceiling (Dub Mix)

** note that for some reason, this release combined the first two tracks by KoxBox and Turban Bloc into one track. In reverse order from which it appeared on the vinyl release , no less. And they did not add the KoxBox track's listing anywhere on the cd sleeve or back cover. Weird.

256 Bitrate

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