Monday, March 24, 2008

APHEX TWIN - "Girl/Boy" EP

APHEX TWIN - "Girl/Boy" EP (1995)

Ok, ok... this is my last R.D.J. album for a little while, I promise (unless someone asks me to keep going...)

This is probably my favorite EP from Aphex Twin, although it is definitely the shortest. 3 of the tracks are under 2 minutes, but are still smashers! The opening track is AMAZING, incorporating classical music with insanely fabulous IDM beats. I can not stop listening to this one!

Also, the song "Milk Man" is one of the funniest Aphex Twin songs ever (running close with "Funny Little Man" from the 'Come To Daddy' EP).

Please enjoy this one. If you like really creative and original electronic music, I can almost promise you you'll love it.

1. Girl/Boy (NLS Mix)
2. Milk Man
3. Inkey$
4. Girl/Boy (£18 Snare Rush Mix)
5. Beetles
6. Birl/Boy (Redruth Mix)

192 Bitrate

"I wish the milkman would deliver my milk in the morning."


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Unity Adam said...

G' Day,

Absolutely fabulous.
I'm looking for a long time : Feed For Head and APHEX TWIN Analogue Bubblebath Collection.
Great music.

Thanks a lot.

Unity Adam
I'm a French who loves The KLF and The Orb.

On the following page of your blog :, I think there is a "information redondante".
You put AFX The Analogue Bubblebath I twice. First at the top of the html page ( and the second time after Power Pill Pacman EP (