Wednesday, November 5, 2008

X-DREAM - "Trip To Trancesylvania" (Original Version)

X-DREAM - "Trip To Trancesylvania" (Original Version) (1993)

Check it out! This is the debut album from X-Dream, released on Tunnel records in 1993. This version was eventually scrapped, and then made over and transformed into a new version in 1996. In this version the tracks are individual and do not fade in and out from one another. In the later version, the track order is rearranged, and the songs are mixed together. They also scrapped the entire first half of "The 5th Dimension (Live In Paris)", and dropped the track "It" and replaced it with "This". After the re-issue, this one became out of print, and is now quite a little Goa Trance collector's item. As for which is the better version, it is really hard to decide. Both find their way into my stereo and out of my speakers equally.

1. Trancesylvania X-press
2. Automatic X
3. The 5th Dimension (Live in Paris)
4. It
5. Live Fast - Die Young
6. Children of the Last Generation
7. Children of the Last Generation (Triplet Mix)
8. Time Begins Tomorrow (Orbit Fly)

192 kbps

Live Fast - Click HERE!



iSapien1956672 said...

like OMG! thank you, i've been away for awhile. and this is the thanks i get? too kind.

RabidHummingbird said...

LOL! no problem! I am glad someone out there appreciates this one! This album and I go WAY back :o)