Monday, May 16, 2016

GUSGUS - Standard Stuff For Drama EP

GUSGUS - Standard Stuff For Drama EP (1997)

A companion EP to the 'Polydistortion' album. Features an edit of the 16B remix of Believe, and the Gun Acid remix from the 'Polydistortion' white label 12", along with the album versions of Polyesterday and Believe as well two exclusive remixes, including the wonderful Polymovie (soundtrack), which was used for the Polyesterday music video (if you haven't seen it, you need to)! Essential to any GusGus fan's collection.

1. Polyesterday
2. Barry A/B
3. Gun Acid
4. Believe
5. Believe (Underdog Instrumental)
6. Polymovie (Soundtrack)

zip file: 78.42 MB
320 kbps

Get it HERE!

Enjoy! :o)

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