Friday, May 20, 2016

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Trance Anthology

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Trance Anthology (1997)

Here's another interesting and oddball Goa trance compilation. What makes this so unique is that while this is not a continuous DJ mix, all of the tracks have been significantly shortened, edited and/or remixed, presumably for the sake of being able to add more than the standard 8-10 tracks usually included in a trance compilation. I especially like the versions of 'LSD' and 'This' found on this disc, but they unfortunately fade out a little too soon. But still, this rare quirk alone makes this album worth adding to your collection.

1. Age Of Love: The Age Of Love (Watch Out For Stella Mix) (130 bpm)
2. Quench: Dreams (136 bpm)
3. Aurora Borealis: The Milky Way (156 bpm)
4. Borgia: Mandrake (138 bpm)
5. Element Of Trance: A Taste Of Your Own Medicine (Midi-Evil Mix) (135 bpm)
6. Electric Universe: Solar Energy (143 bpm)
7. Total Eclipse: Transparent Mind (142 bpm)
8. Hallucinogen: LSD (139 bpm)
9. Technossomy: Elektron Bender (143 bpm)
10. Astral Projection: Time Begann With The Universe (Another Time Mix) (139 bpm)
11. Jaia: Brainstorm (145 bpm)
12. Aural Traxx: Brainworm (146 bpm)
13. X-Dream: This (150 bpm)
14. Eden Transmission: I'm So High (136 bpm)
15. Lunatic Asylum: The Meltdown (165 bpm)
16. Art Of Trance: Kaleidoscope (139 bpm)

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