Saturday, May 21, 2016

SOMETHING WEIRD - Storybook Sessions Vol. 2 - Freddytrippin'

SOMETHING WEIRD - Storybook Sessions Vol. 2 - Freddytrippin' (2014)

Okay, prepare yourselves, because this is CRAZY! Something Weird has once again created a "psychedelic reworking" of an audio book, but this time, instead of going the kiddie record route, he opted for a darker approach, choosing to add his unique brand of low-fi sonic wizardry to the cassette tape retelling of the 1989 horror sequel, A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child!

Follow Alice, who had previously vanquished the dream-stalking, child-murdering maniac a year before, as she graduates from high school and is ready to move on with her life and blossom into as well-adjusted an adult as she possibly can be, considering her haunted, blood-stained past. But, of course, Freddy Kruger slithers his way back into her reality, using the dreams of her unborn baby to gain the power to slaughter all of those around her. Will she save her friends, her baby, and her sanity?

Once again, this is no ordinary audio book. This is tweaked and remixed to the Nth hoop and back, and will make your brain gasp for air. I guess these are meant to be listened to while under the influence of mind-altering substances, but people, I gotta tell you, I'd be afraid I would never come back after listening to these. Use your own discretion! ;-)

If you like this album, be sure to check out part 1!

1. Freddytrippin' Part I (20:58)
2. Freddytrippin' Part II (13:45)
3. Freddytrippin' Part III (9:37)
4. Freddytrippin' Part IV (17:33)

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320 kbps

Get it HERE!

Enjoy! :o)

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