Thursday, May 19, 2016

VARIOUS ARTISTS - UO@604 (Unknown Object At: Six Zero Four)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - UO@604 (Unknown Object At: Six Zero Four) (1999)

* From CD insert:

This CD would not have been possible without the globe-spanning, barrier-breaking, consciousness-connecting system known as The Internet. In May 1996 the Goa Mailing List was started to bring together like-minded Goa/psychedelic trance fans. The numbers soon grew as more and more people found out about it. Eventually, due to some name confusion with the Gun Owners of America, it was decided that the list's name should be changed. Legend has it that one list member mistook the numbers "604" for the word "GOA". We thought it was cool. In a matter of time, we changed the official name to The 604 List. In late June, 1998, murmurs of starting a label or releasing a listee-only CD began to bubble up from the depths of 604. The topic arose with increased frequency, and a few determined trance freaks set out to bring order to the boiling chaos. It was decided that any list member could contribute and that the track selection would be determined by a vote from the members of the list. Some songs were submitted directly over the Internet, others came by mail. All totaled, 18 different artists contributed 34 songs for the project. Each and every song was then encoded in the MP3 format and put up on the web for the listees to download and compare for voting. The votes were tallied. Nine of the original 34 were selected for the final CD. Five different countries are represented on this CD: USA, UK, Norway, Argentina, and the Netherlands. The cover artwork was also selected by votes from the list members. A lot of time and hard work went into this project; we all hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we all enjoyed making it.

1. Divinorum: Antigravity (138 bpm)
2. Microcosm: Eternal Circle (143 bpm)
3. Engines Of Creation: Find Your Mind (148 bpm)
4. Ferrapsylix: Extracted (145 bpm)
5. DotH/Multidimensional: Realm Of Spirals (150 bpm)
6. Shakti Twins: Saimon (139 bpm)
7. KinetiK: Dreamseeker (140 bpm)
8. fibrOptic: Amorphism (145 bpm)
9. Mindprobe: Nightmare (155 bpm)

zip file: 168.13 MB
320 kbps

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Enjoy! :o)

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