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SOMETHING WEIRD - Storybook Sessions Vol. 1 - Annietrippin'

SOMETHING WEIRD - Storybook Sessions Vol. 1 - Annietrippin' (2012)

And now for something completely different:

Whoa. This is one of the most mind-melting things I have ever heard. Not exactly techno, this is "a psychedelic reworking of the 1982 children's record, 'Feeling Good With Annie'". There is a story to be found among the swirling, echoing cacophony of strangeness.

Whether you are familiar with the story of Little Orphan Annie or not, trying to follow along with the plot of the story is a fun part of the fractured, trippy-as-balls brain-scramble that is this album. But let me help you out a bit: Annie is no longer an orphan, and has been adopted by Oliver Warbucks, the richest man in the world. One day, as she is walking on perpetual sunshine, she walks into the foyer of the Warbucks mansion to see that a "travelling fitness salesman", who is peddling his services door to door, has been let inside by an unnecessarily irate Warbucks. The fitness salesman soon has the entire gang doing calisthenics in the park, along with a group of public park-goers who have been rounded up against their wills to join in the jazzercize action, jamming along to (thanks to Something Weird, now blisteringly scrambled) instrumental renditions of songs from the hit musical!

Something Weird is David Totty, who hails from Colorado, USA (and is a fellow GusGus fan, apparently, there is an EP of remixes of GusGus' 'Airwaves' track on his Bandcamp page!!).

If you like this album, be sure to check out Volume 2, which is equally as (if not more) strange, and deals with one of everyone's favorite movie madmen: Freddy Krueger!

1. Annietrippin' Part I (17:58)
2. Annietrippin' Part II (18:07)

zip file: 83.25 MB
320 kbps

Get it HERE!

Enjoy! :o)

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