Friday, May 13, 2016

MICKEY & SYLVIA - Love is Strange (NEW LINK!!!)


MICKEY & SYLVIA - "Love Is Strange" (LINK UPDATED!!)

Alright, guys and gals - this is it, my first official re-up as I re-open my blog after 7 years of hiatus (hey, I flew South and liked it there, so I stayed for a while)! I am starting from my very first post and working my way up, so bear with me, as it may take some time, but I still have access to about 98% of the music that has been posted here. And when I'm finished re-upping, expect A WHOLE LOT of musical seed of many different genres to stick your beaks into! Stay tuned, my feathered friends!

1. Love Is Strange
2. Walkin' In The Rain
3. Dearest
4. In My Heart
5. Mommy Out De Light
6. Love Is A Treasure
7. Two Shadows On Your Window
8. Love Will Make You Fail In School
9. No Good Lover
10. I'm Going Home

320 bitrate

"Oh Sylvia..."  "Yes, Mickey?" (LINK UPDATED!! 5/13/2016)



Fantasmi said...

I'd love to hear this..

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this record!

Rabid Hummingbird said...

My pleasure! :)