Monday, May 16, 2016

HE SAID OMALA - Catch Supposes

HE SAID OMALA - Catch Supposes (1997)

I absolutely love everything about this album. It's the only proper album these guys ever released under this name, the only other album being a remix album, which is also very good. They put out quite a few experimental synth albums in the 80s, under the name Omala (I will post some of that at a later time), and a more upbeat techno, almost Goa trance, album and EP in 1996, under the name Obconic.

This album is slow, odd and beautiful, with vocals calling to mind The Wolfgang Press. A classic mind-melting downtempo/IDM monolith. Definitely check this one out, folks!

1. Bedeck-A-Neck
2. Sea Horse Trading
3. An Itch
4. Solid Or Vanish
5. Water Tight Seal
6. Post Code Orange

zip file: 96.58 MB
256 kbps

Get it HERE!

Enjoy! :o)

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