Tuesday, May 31, 2016

RABID HUMMINGBIRD - Psychedelic Hummingbird v3

RABID HUMMINGBIRD - Psychedelic Hummingbird v3

Here is the newest volume in my very own compilation series, exclusively for this blog! This one has splashes of several different forms of psychedelic styles, such as Goa, forest, full-on and twilight to guide your ears, mind and body through many different twisted corridors of swirling sonic sounds and melodies. Let it flutter your wings, my feathered friends!

Cover art manipulated by original artwork by Megan Manske (Megandowntherabbithole)

1. Doof: The Second Revelation (140 bpm)
2. Electric Universe: Stardiver (136 bpm)
3. Psyko Disko: Disko Spies Lost Story (145 bpm)
4. Eat Static: Race To Space (145 bpm)
5. X-Dream: Rain (Astral Projection Remix) (142 bpm)
6. Sonic Species: Tokyo Sunrise (Faders Remix) (143 bpm)
7. ManMadeMan: Soundproof (Kickmongwi Remix) (142 bpm)
8. Setanic: Awake In Their Vision (145 bpm)
9. Siam: Colorful Expansion (142 bpm)

zip file: 170.27 MB
320 kbps

Get it HERE!

Enjoy! :o)

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