Saturday, May 21, 2016


BOOM DEVIL - Rumble (2001)

A couple of years before Flying Rhino Records called it quits (or, more accurately, took a 10-year + hiatus, as they have returned in recent years, releasing a few new EPs), they decided to make a bold move and take a step away from the pigeonhole of trance, and enter the world of downtempo, dub and ambient music. And, boy, was it good! This is one of the more popular titles from their sub-label, Flying Rhino Freestyle. A deep, mellow blissout to make your body and soul tingle.

1. Life Is (feat. Christine Leach) (76 bpm)
2. Over You (feat. Nina Perry) (83 bpm)
3. Nothing To Be Afraid Of (88 bpm)
4. Rumble (138 bpm)
5. Ease The Pain (feat. Nina Perry) (63 bpm)
6. Pyroclastic (168 bpm)
7. Lullaby (feat. Nina Perry) (83 bpm)
8. Call Her Name (66 bpm)
9. Check 4 Zero (97 bpm)
10. Epilogue (78 bpm)
11. Been Thinkin' (feat. Gez Scott) (63 bpm)

zip file: 138.59 MB
320 kbps

Get it HERE!

Enjoy! :o)

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