Friday, May 13, 2016

PSYCHO SISTERS - Original Soundtrack

PSYCHO SISTERS - Original Soundtrack (1998)

This is the soundtrack to the 1998 low-budget horror-comedy, Psycho Sisters, which was a remake of an even lower-budget movie of the same name from W.A.V.E. Productions. Jane and Jackie witnessed their parents' demises as young children, and later the rape/murder of their younger sister, Janice. Naturally, this causes a bit of emotional stress for the siblings, so they are locked away into an asylum. (Not enough) years later, they are released out into the public with a clean bill of health, so naturally, they instantly embark upon a crazy killing spree, killing any and every man they come across, blaming ALL men for their problems. Until, that is, one of them begins to experience the awakening of her sexual desires. Uh oh, this could cause trouble..

Anyway, check out the movie if you can find it, or are into that sort of thing. It's a lot of fun.  And so is this soundtrack! Stick your beak in and feed!

1. Bob Nicholson: Psycho Sisters
2. Kid With Man Head: Cheese Grate Your Face
3. The Groovy Ghoulies: Chubacabra
4. Ultra Bide': My Pinky Is Missing
5. Hate Fuck Trio: Fucked Up Monkeys
6. Nobodys: I Love My Gun
7. Davie Allan And The Arrows: Chopper
8. The Starlets: Cassio Peia
9. McGlynn & Peterson: Diary
10. Gillmant: Mysogeny
11. King Ghidorah!: Shock Machine
12. Jo-Ann Barton: No One Cares
13. The Scoldees: Jolene's Theme (The Pain Will Always Remain)
14. The Wesley Willis Fiasco: I'm Doing It Well On The Side Of Rea
15. Tongue: Psycho Lady
16. The Queers: I'm OK, You're Fucked
17. Jackie Martling: The Pot Song

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"You're a good boy, Georgie. You wouldn't want Mommy to go into the treasure chest, now would you?"

Enjoy! :o)

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