Tuesday, May 24, 2016

RABID HUMMINGBIRD - Psychedelic Hummingbird v2

RABID HUMMINGBIRD - Psychedelic Hummingbird v2

Here is volume 2 of my new series of Goa/psytrance compilations, exclusively for this blog. I hope everyone enjoys these, they are a lot of fun to compile. The vibe here is a bit different than volume 1, starting out with some mellow progressive trance which stretches out into some nighttime psy, capped off with some swirly-whirly Goa trance to leave your brain, ears and feet begging for more.

Cover art manipulated from original artwork by cabezadecondor @ DeviantArt.

1. Corellian: State Of Mind (130 bpm)
2. James Monro vs. Dickster: Wash Out (Extended Verse) (130 bpm)
3. Green Oms: Hear And Now (136 bpm)
4. ManMadeMan: Desire (Bumbling Loons Remix) (136 bpm)
5. Wizzy Noise: Timeline (Blue Planet Corporation Remix) (141 bpm)
6. Process: 10,000 Thrill Seekers (142 bpm)
7. Slinky Nuns: Caught In The Zipper (144 bpm)
8. Filteria: Stars (Starstuff Remix) (146 bpm)
9. KhetzaL: Gasnesha Pramana (160 bpm)

zip file: 175.49 MB
320 kbps

Get it HERE!

Enjoy! :o)

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