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A CERTAIN SACRIFICE - Music From The Motion Picture

A CERTAIN SACRIFICE - Music From The Motion Picture (1984)

This is something I made for my buddy Michael's blog, The Inferno Music Vault, which, sadly, no longer exists. Inferno Music Vault was a blog dedicated to sharing soundtracks, and is where I got my deluxe treasure trove of musical memorabilia from my favorite film series in the history of cinema, A Nightmare On Elm Street. Inferno was (is) the very reason this blog even exists. It was the page that inspired me to create my own little slice of Blogspot Heaven. This is why you see so many different soundtracks here, as I was doing my part in the soundtrack-sharing world, while posting various other musical genres (I'm sorry if you're not a fan of a category/categories that I post, but hey, it's my page and this bird will do what it wants). There would be no Rabid Hummingbird without Michael, so this post is dedicated to him, and to the memory of a fantastic blog page!

So... A Certain Sacrifice. Goodness gracious me, where to even begin with this movie? This is an extremely low (zero) budget student film that a 19-year old Madonna Ciccone (that's simply 'Madonna' to us lowly common folk) desperately pleaded with the director to be involved in after running away from her family to make it in the Big Apple. This was a couple of years before she started singing professionally, and the film itself didn't see the light of day, until (of course) Madonna's career skyrocketed into pop stardom. Madonna allegedly attended the "premiere" of the film, and stood up during the screening and yelled "Fuck you!" and stormed out. She tried to sue the director, Stephen Jon Lewicki, to get all copies pulled from the shelves. Her case was dismissed, but she might as well have won the case, because this has never been officially released on any home video format, although a heap ton of various bootlegs are floating around  (I even saw one in the $5 bin at Walmart).

The film itself concerns Bruna (Madge), a skanky urbanite who leaves behind her "family of lovers" (hey, wow, just like her real life) to be in the arms of Dashiel, an anarchist-teetering-on-sociopath with a chip on his shoulder, whom she bumps into while dancing in a water fountain at the park, and has what appears to be an argument (thankfully dubbed over with music, music you will hear here) that ends with the two of them caressing each other while holding a cheap, plastic water pistol while the in-no-way-involved-with-the-production audience in the park (including a Marilyn Monroe impersonator) looks on with the very same facial expression of confused, awkward wonder that is plastered on your own face. It's uncanny!

Anyway, Bruna is raped (?) - off-screen, thankfully - in the restroom of a diner, by a man whom Dashiel had already verbally whipped on a previous afternoon at the very same diner (how dare this man try to make friendly conversation with me while sitting next to me at the diner's counter?), so Dashiel gathers up Bruna's Love Family to kidnap the man and hold a really bizarre and hokey Rocky Horror-esque revenge sacrifice under a bridge, complete with a chorus of punk/goth chicks, spouting off lyrics that sound like something out of  'Jack & The Beanstalk'. Once Rapey McRaperson is dead, Dashiel tends to Bruna in the bedroom, as he dips his fingers into a plastic chalice, smearing the victim's blood all over her face and breasts, as they make out tenderly. THE END. Yup. Spoiler alert.

I ripped these songs directly from the Walmart bootleg DVD (you think I'm kiddding? It's a DVD-R!), so there are a few snippets of dialogue at the beginning/end of a couple of tracks, and some dialogue I kept in intentionally in an attempt to convey somewhat of a cohesive narrative of the movie, but hey, the movie itself doesn't do a very good job in that department. But I tried! ALSO - it should be noted that not a single Madonna song appears on this soundtrack. At least Lewicki did SOMETHING right!

1. Intro - Bruna & Dashiel
2. Jeremy Pattnosh: Outside / Inside
3. Jeremy Pattnosh & Ed Kramer: Rhythm of Love + Nancy LeFleur & Chal Pivik: Trust Game
4. Ed Krakaur: Family Of Lovers
5. Jeremy Pattnosh: Screaming Demon Lover
6. Marc Goodman: Park Bench / Diner Intro
7. Marc Goodman - Bruna's Assault
8. Jeremy Pattnosh: Little Girl, My Princess
9. John O. Senior, Marc Goodman and Nancy Kimmins: No Funny Stuff
10. Marc Goodman - Dancing In The Tunnel / Do You See The Fire?
11. Jeremy Pattnosh & The Chorus: A Certain Sacrifice
12. Nancy LeFleur: Wave Bye Bye

zip file: 74.86 MB
320 kbps

"I'm a dodo girl, and I'm looking for my dodo boy."

Enjoy! :o)

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