Tuesday, May 24, 2016

RABID HUMMINGBIRD - Psychedelic Hummingbird v1

RABID HUMMINGBIRD - Psychedelic Hummingbird v1

Here is the first in (hopefully) many psychedelic compilations brought to you by your very own foam-beaked bird buddy! This first volume was originally titled 'Another Psychedelic Adventure' and was a compilation that I had made and posted back in November of 2008, before I abandoned my nest to fly south for 8 years. As I was sprucing things up from crummy 192 kbps bit rate to a happy 320 (all, except for the Tandu track, which is 256 kbps), I had the idea of starting up a massive wave of psychedelic trance and Goa trance compilations exclusively for my fellow fowl friends. Play these compilations loud and shake your tail feathers!

Cover art manipulated from original artwork by Anthony Jay Ptak.

1. Blue Planet Corporation: OverBloody Flood (149 bpm)
2. Slinky Nuns: Stun Gun (141 bpm)
3. Green Nuns Of The Revolution: Two Vindaloos And An Onion Bhagee (142 bpm)
4. Práná & Amanite FX: Black Rain (Blue Planet Corporation Remix) (150 bpm)
5. Alien Mutation: Chilled Out On A Mountain Somewhere In Time (130 bpm)
6. X-Dream: Relax Vortex (139 bpm)
7. Tandu: Blue Aura (142 bpm)
8. Práná: Boundless (144 bpm)
9. Slinky Wizard: Anytime (140 bpm)

zip file: 159.46 MB
320 kbps (track 7: 256 kbps)

Get it HERE!

Enjoy! :o)

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