Friday, May 13, 2016

THE B-52'S - The Planet Clique Remixes (NEW LINKS!!!)

THE B-52's - The Planet Clique Mixes (LINKS UDATED!!)

I was supposed to make this my first official re-up, as I had promised to, but I got so caught up in reopening my little piece of the internet that I completely forgot. Oops! So I'm making it my second!

Presenting (again), the extremely hard to find B-52's Planet Clique Remix EPs! These were sold by Planet Clique Records, via their website, each for a very limited amount of time, on CD and colored vinyl. If you're a B's fan, you don't want to miss out on these!

The B-52's - "Whammy! 2005 Remix EP"

1. Trism (Riton Remix)
2. Song for a Future Generation (Majortweaks Remix)
3. Whammy Kiss (MHC Remix)
4. Legal Tender (Majortweaks Remix)

320 kbps

Click HERE to get it! (NEW LINK: 5/13/2016)

The B-52's - "Mesopotamia 2006 Remix EP"

1. Mesopotamia (Rob Mello's No Ears Acid Mix)
2. Mesopotamia (MHC Remix)
3. Mesopotamia (Groove Collison Dub)
4. Mesopotamia (No Ears Alternative Remix)
5. Mesopotamia (Danny Krivit Re-Edit)
6. Loveland (Manhattan Clique Remix)
7. Cake (Majortweaks Remix)

320 kbps

Click HERE to get it! (NEW LINK: 5/13/2016)

The B-52's - "Wild Planet 2007 Remix EP"

1. Quiche Lorraine (S-Express Remix)
2. Private Idaho (The Grid Remix)
3. Give Me Back My Man (SuperJupiter Remix)
4. Dirty Back Road (Formatic Remix)
5. Private idaho (Manhattan Clique Remix)
6. Devil In My Car (MHC Re-edit)
7. Give Me Back My Man (SuperJupiter Dub)
8. Quiche Lorraine (S-Express Dub)

320 kbps

Click HERE to get it! (NEW LINK: 5/13/2016)



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great b-52's stuff. Very cool. I really appreciate it.

I was wondering if you had and would be able to post the two Fred Schneider solo albums :

Fred Schneider And The Shake Society


Just Fred

I have been looking everywhere online but can't find them.

Thank you again

RabidHummingbird said...

hey there! I am glad you like them!

you know what is funny, is that I am planning on ordering the Shake Society LP this weekend. I also have the solo Fred Schneider album, which is the same song list, except mixed a little bit differently. When I get my LP in the mail, I will upload it ASAP.

As for Just Fred, I don't have that one, and surprisingly haven't ever heard it before. But if I come across it, I will snatch it up and post it as well. So keep checking back!


Anonymous said...

Thanks that would be great.

I would be interested in the Fred Schneider solo album that is mixed differently as well.

If you could post that, I would greatly appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this!

Rex said...

Hi! I'd love it if you could post these remix EPs again, I have been looking for them for AGES!

If you don't want to post but you're feeling generous, perhaps you can drop a .zip to me at

Would really appreciate it!


RabidHummingbird said...

Links updated!