Friday, May 13, 2016

THE DOOM GENERATION - The Complete Soundtrack

THE DOOM GENERATION - The Complete Soundtrack (1995)

Continuing on with the complete soundtrack to the second film in Gregg Araki's Teen Apocalypse Trilogy, The Doom Generation! Wonderful soundtracks for wonderful movies. Really top notch stuff. You definitely don't want to pass these up.

1. Amy Blue: Intro
2. Nine Inch Nails: Heresy
3. Babyland: Double Coupon
4. Front 242: Religion (Pussy Whipped Mix)
5. God Lives Underwater: Drag Me Down
6. Slowdive: Alison
7. Love And Rockets: This Heaven
8. Coil: First Dark Ride
9. Curve: On The Wheel
10. The Wolfgang Press: Christianity (The Adrian Sherwood Mix)
11. Porno For Pyros: Dogs Rule The Night
12. Bigod 20: One (The Jack Dangers Full On Mix)
13. MC 900 Ft. Jesus: But If You Go
14. The Jesus And Mary Chain: Penetration
15. Meat Beat Manifesto: Soul Driver
16. Pizzicato Five: Groovy Is My Name
17. Cocteau Twins: Summerblink
18. Aphex Twin: On
19. The Jesus And Mary Chain: Sometimes Always
20. Meat Beat Manifesto: Paradise Now (Remix)
21. Medicine: Slut
22. Lush: Undertow (The Spooky Mix)
23. Ride: Leave Them All Behind
24. Extra Fancy: Violator
25. Belly: Dancing Gold
26. The Verve: Already There
27. Slowdive: Blue Skied An' Clear

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"I'm gonna find her. And then I'm gonna kill her."

Enjoy!! :)

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