Monday, May 16, 2016

HE SAID OMALA - Matching Crosses

HE SAID OMALA - Matching Crosses (1997)

As I said in my last post, He Said Omala's only other release besides 'Catch Supposes' is this remix album. But don't expect to hear the same songs over and over again here. Each remix is a completely new entity, and takes on life of its own. Quite a bit different in tone and atmosphere than 'Catch Supposes', 'Matching Crosses' is still a very solid album worth many deep listens.

1. Here But Us Chickens (Solid Or Vanish - Descendence Remix)
2. Liquor Appears (Solid or Vanish - Krister Linder Remix)
3. Roaring Hat Seeds (Sea Horse Trading - Jean-Louis Huhta & Simon J. Hartley Remix)
4. Troubled Mind (Blue Bayou cover)
5. Oil Met Gravel (Post Code Orange - Bruce Gilbert Remix)
6. Idols O'Varnish (Solid Or Vanish - Edvard Graham Lewis Remix)

zip file: 72.28 MB
VBR (256-320) kbps

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Enjoy! :o)

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