Tuesday, April 8, 2008

DEEE-LITE - "E.S.P. & Good Beat"

DEEE-LITE - "E.S.P. & Good Beat" (1990)

Here is an extremely hard to find single from dance music pioneers, Deee-Lite! This is a double single, from their first release 'World Clique'. These mixes are cool - they add a little spice while keeping very true to the originals. Back when remixing was a fresh and new thing! This also contains the rarely-heard B-side, 'Riding On Through'.

Deee-Lite is Lady Miss Kier, Super DJ Dimitri, and Towa Tei.

1. E.S.P. (Ouijee Extended Mix)
2. E.S.P. (YeeYee Radio Mix)
3. Riding On Through
4. Beatapella
5. Good Beat (Extend The Beat Mix)
6. Good Beat (Pal Joey's Shake Your Body To The Beat Mix)
7. Good Beat (Turn Up The Radio Mix)

VBR Bitrate

"To some he is guru, he pushes grooves that go right through you."

***PLEASE NOTE - The cover I posted is of the Good Beat single, which did not contain the E.S.P. remixes, or the b-side "Riding On Through". Extensive searches for the combination cover turned out futile. If you have a cover photo, or know where I can get one, please contact me!

*****ALSO - Check out the "Good Beat" music video! Frickin' A!