Tuesday, April 8, 2008

DEEE-LITE - "Groove Is In The Heart"

DEEE-LITE - "Groove Is In The Heart" (1990)

"How do you say delicious, delovely, delectible, devine? How do you say... Deee-Liiite?"

Yep, it's the club hit to end all club hits! The international smash that started the resurgence of the club/glamour scene, and maybe even helped to start house music! If that's not enough, it features Bootsy Collins, Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest, and Maceo Parker on the sax!

From the debut LP, "World Clique" which is to this day one of the Degrooviest albums ever!

1. Groove Is In The Heart (Meeting Of The Minds Mix)
2. Groove Is In The Heart (Peanut Butter Mix)
3. What Is Love? (Holographic Goatee Mix)
4. What Is Love? (Rainbow Beard Mix)

320 Bitrate

"The depth of hula groove - move us to the nth hoop."

**** CHECK OUT the "Groove Is In The Heart" music video!!


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