Wednesday, April 9, 2008

JONDI & SPESH - "I Drank It"

JONDI & SPESH - "I Drank It" (2007)

Wow... I remember back in high school I used to go nuts to Jondi & Spesh's "Impenetrable Sayonara". One of the coolest songs I've danced to at any party or club, but that's just my opinion.

Well, J&S are still at it, and making some damn fine (can I say that on this channel?) house music! This is one of their newest EPs, which I am pretty sure was exclusively an MP3 release. This might be the best house single I have heard in a few years. It's very pretty and really funky.

1. I Drank It (Original Mix)
2. I Drank It (Real Sugar Mix)
3. I Drank It (Museum Ambient Mix)

320 Bitrate

Click HERE to drink it up!


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