Thursday, March 13, 2008

Z@P - "Café"

Z@P - "Café" (2007)

Here's another cool Flumo release! This one is a bit dancier than the other two, But it is really really cool! This one goes very well right after the Baldo album I posted earlier.

Here's what Flumo has to say about Z@p!

Z@p is a young dj and producer born in Montevideo suburbs who debuts with this Café. His style is hypnotically designed, making us to freak out through different sonic sketches to convey, no doubt, in the dancefloor. Filled with subtleties and samples, this 4 tracks combine elements adjacent to electro o minimal, highlighting this dj’s personal vision of the avant-garde. Wego is the artist who signs his own reinterpretation of the evocative and vaporous Café.

1. Café
2. Mood
3. De Vuelta Otre Vez
4. Café (Wego RMX)

320 Bitrate

Z@p your brain and eat it HERE!


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