Sunday, February 17, 2008

SLIDE - "Unstable"

SLIDE - "Unstable" (1998)

Oh man, this album is wicked! Seriously, it is fuggin' WICKED! A hefty slice of psychedelic dancefloor insanity! Even though this album is 10 years old, it still has an amazingly futuristic sound! If you're a Psytrance junkie, then you will not be disappointed!

This actually comes from a Transient Records promo copy I picked up in some record shop. I had been looking for this for quite a while, so I was really excited to buy it. I love the cover art too! The orange sky reminds me of the movie 'Night Of The Comet'. I couldn't find the cover art for the promo copy online (my scanner's broken), which is almost identical to this one, but the Slide logo is different. But the one I posted is MUCH cooler anyway. :-)

1. Unobtanium (Dirty Angels Edit)
2. 2274
3. Radiation 3
4. Saturnalia
5. White Knight
6. Unstable
7. The Predator
8. Celestia
9. The Zinc-Plated Goddess

320 Bitrate

"Year of the city 2274"



iSapien1956672 said...

This album, to this day, still stands the test of time. Just like "Beyond the Infinite", "Twisted" & "Rock Bitch Mafia" it never gets dated. I love the "real" bass guitar & slap-bass lines they use on these songs.

RabidHummingbird said...

i agree completely!

I think this is one of the greatest dancefloor albums ever made!

It's too bad Slide never released more albums like this! I have Cass VS Slide's "Burning The Candle At Both Ends" album, but it just lacks the oomph that this one has!