Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BALDO - "Shooting Star"

BALDO - "Shooting Star" (2007)

Another Netlabel free release, this time from Neovinyl Netlabel. Baldo here has put out one heck of a techno-house EP! This is really laid back and pretty, yet totally danceable at the same time.

My personal favorite from the entire label. But you should go check them out - they have some really awesome stuff!

Heres the word on our pal Baldo, from the Neovinyl website:

Baldo, born 1983 in Jaén (Spain), breathes all the musical styles that are cooked during the following two decades in his country. Conscious of his love for the music, it's in the year 2000 when he acquires his first DJ equipment. Thus begins a way marked by a constant search of innovation.
In 2001 he moves to Málaga. In a little time he established in the electronic scene of Malaga and begins to play in different Clubs of the city, proposing an electronic and minimalist alternative to the House predominant trend. Later, he plays at important clubs of the Spanish circuit, like Metrodanceclub (Alicante) or Miga Club (Granada).

In 2005, with two companions founds Neovinyl. It's in that time when he initiates his career as electronic music producer. After he meets Carlo, who joins to the Neovinyl project.
In April of 2007 Baldo edits in Neovinyl his debut EP, "Shooting Star", where he shows the deep and pop side of his productions.

1. Shooting Star
2. An Ano Despues

3. The Beehive
4. Cicely

256 Bitrate

Close your eyes, make a wish and click HERE!


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