Friday, February 29, 2008


FEED YOUR HEAD - Volume 1 (1993)

The first in a series of jaw dropping ambient dub compilations from pioneer techno label Planet Dog Records, which spawned such acts as Eat Static, Banco De Gaia, Astralasia, Timeshard and System 7! This chapter starts off with a soft-spoken mental monster from Astralasia! The Eat Static track is very tribal and slow, unlike a majority of their tracks, and rocks the didgeridoo like you wouldn't believe! The remix of the Banco De Gaia song is totally beautiful.

This compilation also features some great space tracks, and a track by Eat Static side-project The Ullulators! As it says in the cd inlay, "Now sit back and glisten"!!!

1. Astralasia - Twilight Whirl
2. The Drum Club - Furry Meadows (Dogstar Mix)
3. Eat Static - Kothluwalawa
4. Banco De Gaia - Qurna (Haj Ali's Birthday Mix)
5. Pressure Of Speech - Surveillance
6. Optic Eye - Blue Dreamers
7. The Knights Of The Occasional Table - Rain
8. Tuu - One Thousand Years
9. System 7 - Habibi (The Camel Mix)
10.Nodens Ictus - Plurlngrium
11.The Ullulators - "...And Hardly Any Ears!"

320 Bitrate

"To find your mind, you have to lose it first."

FEED YOUR HEAD - Volume 2 (1994)

My personal favorite of the FYH series! This is just about as deep as ambient dub gets. Every track on this one is great. The album never gets boring - which is saying a lot for an ambient dub compilation - it is always changing and is really damn intense in some points.

My favorite tracks on this compilation is "Anacoluthon", "Schmoo Dub" and "Travelling Without Moving".

**This is one of the best albums-to-have-sex-to in the world!

1. Makyo - Dakini (Sky Dancer Mix)
2. Code - Parsifal
3. Optic Eye - Anacoluthon
4. Inner Space - Warrior
5. Children Of The Bong - Symbol 1
6. The Drum Club - Boom Mantra (Sea Full Of Stars Mix)
7. Spooky - Schmoo Dub
8. Alien Progeny - Sadhana
9. Opik - Traveling Without Moving
10.Path - Pleasant (Journey)
11.Astralasia - Ignarus (Loonar Poona)

320 Bitrate

"There are things that I can do for you - beyond your wildest dreams!"

FEED YOUR HEAD: Accelerating the Alpha Rythms (1997)

Planet Dog Records kicks it up a notch in the third installment of the FYH series. This one has faster beats and a more futuristic sound, but still remains beautiful and seductive! Some fantastic stuff on this one, especially from The Starseeds, Prism, and Freed!

"Inspiration Through Music."

1. Evolver - The Journey
2. Prism - Rain
3. Solar Budd - Blue Digital
4. Fathers Of Watt - Funky Stew
5. The Starseeds - Parallel Life
6. Phreaky - Blob
7. Waterland - Waterland
8. Bolo - No Faith
9. Freed - Machine Man Part 2
10.Feel - Askari
11.The Starseeds - Heavensairportcoffeeshoprestaurant

256 Bitrate

"But he looks kind of different... his hair is short. And he reminds me of myself."



Quinta Essentia said...

Thanks a lot.
I'm looking for "Feed Your Head" for a long time and I discovered your blog.

Awesome albums.

Tkx again.

Anonymous said...

Just cleared out my loft and found Vol 2 cassette sleeve!!... but no cassette.
Remember keeping it because i knew it was quality and would buy in cd format at some stage.
20 years later i might just do that or even source digital files!!
Great music.