Monday, February 11, 2008


THE GREEN NUNS OF THE REVOLUTION - "Rock Bitch Mafia" (1997)

I know it seems like I have a whacked-out obsession for Flying Rhino Records, and the reason for that is simple. I DO.

Here's the incredibly sought-after Goa Trance album from 1997, from master geniuses Dick Trevor, Neil Cowley and Matt Coldrick. This album has been long-out-of-print, and will probably never be re-released. This is definitive Goa here. Old school and crazy trippy!

1. Cor! (Unreleased Edit)
2. Thunder Thighs
3. Conflict
4. Octofunk
5. Ring Of Fire
6. Klunk
7. Rock Bitch
8. Atomic Armadillo (The Fluffening)

320 Bitrate

"All right Space Cadets! Prepare to hurtle through the cosmos!"



Anonymous said...

Great stuff, thanks! I've been wanting to hear more from this band since I hear their insane track on Return to the Source - The Chakra Journey. Progdoom.

RabidHummingbird said...

you're very very welcome! this is such a great album! i have gotten lost inside my own head many times listening to this album! Green Nuns are fantastic.

I also plan on posting the "Coming Through In Waves" album from Green Oms, Dick Trevor's more recent psytrance project. It is phenomenal stuff! So please keep checking back :-)

iSapien1956672 said...

thank you for posting all these frying wino singles, i do not have the ripping capabilities to hear outside my room. Rock Bitch Mafia, in my opinion, IS Psy-Trance. this is the sound! that label knew what they were doing back then. sucks it got too progressive. salad days.

RabidHummingbird said...

Hey sape!

Thank you for listening, and having good tastes!

Flying Rhino is in my opinion, the best electronic music label ever. Not only did i adore the goa/psy stuff, but i actually liked the progressive, or "Freestyle" (lol) stuff they put out.

Keep coming back, because I have TONS more FR stuff I will be posting!