Sunday, March 9, 2008

EL TXEF A - "Siempre Quedará Amuma's House"

EL TXEF A - "Siempre Quedará Amuma's House" (2007)

Golly gee whillikers, this is a fantastic album! I know I say that about everything that I post here (I never post anything I don't personally like), but that's because they're all great! This is one of the coolest albums from Spanish netlabel, Flumo! El Txef A is one of the most unique and original electronic acts to come around in a really long time.

Here is the album info from the Flumo website:

Our brand-new signing El Txef A is responsible for the avant-garde style that characterizes this Ep. Aitor Etxebarria ,linked to music by means of his brother,continues his training in music at this moment. If we could manage to gather Nathan Fake, Oliver Koletzki, Apparat and James Holden to have coffee and wonder about young and new talented musicians, we are sure that El Txef A would be in their minds. Enjoy these four gems and please don´t skip one of the ep´s that no doubt will be regarded as on of our classic works.

1. Siempre Quedará Amuma's House
2. Hitzak
3. Zuri-Beltzez
4. Una Mirada Al Cielo
5. Trouble

320 Bitrate

"It will always be Amuma's House"


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