Saturday, February 16, 2008


DON MIKE - "Dr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde" (2004)

Here's a really cool score from the Seduction Cinema film, 'Dr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde'. This is one of the darker, artsier films from SC, from director Anthony Marsiglia (Lust For Dracula, Sin Sisters, Chantal). The film is sort of a psycho-sexual acid trip version of Jekyll, which despite the copious amounts of nudity and lesbian sex, follows the original story line surprisingly well. Shades of David Lynch's "Mulholland Dr." can be found, as well as amazing cinematography and this really cool soundtrack from musician Don Mike.

A neat-o score that I've listened to quite a few times.

1. Main Theme
2. The Interview Show
3. Martine
4. Injection (version 1)
5. Euphoria Takes Effect
6. The Doctor's Dream
7. Laboratory
8. Injection (version 2)
9. Heidi Emerges
10.Something's Come Over You (feat. Kamio Speedwagon)
12.The Red Carpet
14.Mistress And Maid
15.The Seduction Of The Master
16.Did You Ever Love Me
17.Something's Come Over You (Nymphomania Mix)
18.Something's Come Over You (Instrumental Version)

224 Bitrate

"Everything seems different now, something's come over you."



Anonymous said...

I chanced on this when my local video store threw it out, no doubt without listening to it — and who can blame them? I put it on, though, and it turned out to be a rare find. Diverse, edgy and eccentric music, and its cheesy origins just add to the mystique, if you ask me. Has anybody heard of anything else by the DJ&MH composer "Don Mike"?

RabidHummingbird said...

awesome! i'm glad you liked this one! I haven't ever heard anything else by Don Mike, but judging from this score, I'd like to!

I joke with my friends and tell them I'm a "recovered" Seduction Cinema fan. This was one of their better movies, I think. The music really added to the weird, trippy atmosphere of the film.

Thanks for stopping by, friend! Hope you find some other stuff you like too.