Sunday, February 24, 2008

DEATH CUBE K - "Tunnel"

DEATH CUBE K - "Tunnel" (1999)

Here's a horse of a different color when it comes to ambient music! This is an amazingly creepy and abstract album from one of my favorite guitarists and all-around musicians, Brian Carroll, aka BUCKETHEAD! I've seen him more times live than I have any other musician on the planet and have never been disappointed. Granted this album is the polar opposite of the stuff I've seen him play live, but that's why he's one of my favorites. He has over 30 albums, and almost all of them are completely different from each other, and 'Tunnel' is a shining example! This album is a collaboration between him and Bill Laswell.

I was going to wait until Halloweentime to post this, but my plans for my October blog are packed full (just you wait - I have some amazing treats coming in October!!!).

1. Thanatopsis
2. Tunnel
3. Leech
4. Post Mortem
5. Hemloc
6. Scalding Tank
7. Loss Leper
8. Mange
9. Draw 1-4
11.Depth Of The Four Horrors

256 Bitrate

Travel Through The Terror Tunnel HERE!


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