Friday, February 29, 2008


CAPTAIN COMATOSE - "Going Out" (2003)

A wonderful little surprise I came across one day. I had heard the track "Price Gun Baby" on the GusGus 'Mixed Live' CD, and fell in love with it. It has a really sleazy, disco-electro sound that for some reason or another totally enamored me. I looked everywhere for the album it came from, and since it is (already) out of print, my search was turning up nothing... UNTIL - one glorious day when I was working at the local Sam Goody, somebody came in with a bunch of used CDs and DVDs to sell to the store, and lo and behold - there was Captain Comatose! I'm sure I scared the guy, because I gasped and snatched it up really quick, and even did a little celebratory dance! I'm actually pretty damn sure he thought I was a total mental case (which I'm not debating), because he even told me it was one of the worst albums he had ever heard in his life. I'm sure my bringing that up makes you want to check this out REALLY bad... LOL. But presonally, I think this album is 100% coolness! I have played this for quite a few people, and NO ONE has disliked it. The guy that sold it to the store was a metal-head heroin junkie, so he probably just didn't dig the electro scene...

I very very much recommend this album! If you like super-weird electronic "psychedelic pop" (which is what i refer to this album as), then I guarantee you will like this!

My top 4 picks on this album are "Price Gun Baby", "Mr. Monkey", "Comatose Captain" and "Baby".

1. Theme From Captain Comatose
2. Don't Come Back
3. Price Gun Baby
4. Mr. Monkey
5. $100
6. Complete Gold
7. Comatose Captain (S-8 Mix)
8. Birthday Present
9. Baby
11.$100 (Live at Panorama Bar)

224 Bitrate

"The tag is on my ass, and I am going cheap! "


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