Saturday, February 23, 2008

MORT GARSON - "The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds"

MORT GARSON - "The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds" (1967)

Here is another Mort Garson masterpiece! I honestly don't remember where I got this one, because I deleted my history bar and had only visited the blog once. So if you think this came from your blog, then let me know. If I see the blog I will remember if that's where I got it, then I will give you credit and link your page here in the post. I know I didn't get this from Egg City Radio, because this is one of the few albums of Mort Garson's they don't have.

This chill-inducing album includes spoken word horoscope forecasts for each sign of the zodiac, accompanied by Mort Garson's signature brand of awe-inspiring psychedelic moog orchestrations. I highly recommend this album, as well as "Wozard of Iz".

1. Aquarius
2. Aries
3. Cancer
4. Capricorn
5. Gemini
6. Leo
7. Libra
8. Pisces
9. Sagittarius

225 Bitrate

"Go. Be. But forget no one."

**R.I.P. Mort Garson: 7/20/24 - 1/4/08



Anonymous said...

I believe artist for this is The Zodiac and the album is Cosmic Sounds. yeah

RabidHummingbird said...

you are right, however, The Zodiac was Mort Garson's surname for this particular project. All music herein is composed and performed by Mort Garson himself.

Other Mort Garson surnames used included Ataraxia and Lucifer, and Mort Garson and His Orchestra, among others.

thank you for stopping by.

crippledfonzzz said...

Bud Shank, Carol Kaye, Cyrus Faryar, Emil Richards, Hal Blaine were the members of this band called "The Zodiac"