Sunday, February 17, 2008

"POLYMORPH" (Soundtrack)

MATTHEW JASON WALSH - "Polymorph" (1996)

This score is from the sci-fi horror spoof, "Polymorph", from one of my favorite film labels, Tempe Video. This film stars B-horror veterans James L. Edwards, Ariauna Albright, Sasha Graham and Pete Jacelone. Here's the film's synopsis, taken from the Tempe website:

SYNOPSIS: Called deep into the forest to help search for a fallen meteorite, a group of interns instead discover an isolated cabin with a dead body inside — and a lethal gang of drug-runners there to protect their investment. But the dead body has risen again, and it holds a dark secret that will soon reveal itself...

Little do they know, the meteorite has brought with it an organism that can emulate anything it comes into contact with. Soon, their transportation is cut off...nobody knows exactly who’s who...and no one is quite sure how to kill something that they can’t even find!

The score is pretty cool. It ranges from funny to spacey, from cheesy to serious. I like it a lot, it has a neat variety on it, and it keeps the feelings from the film's scenes. There's 40 tracks in all, so I am not going to list them all on here. They are all labeled correctly in the zip file, and numbered.

160 Bitrate

"This has all the believability of a Mentos commercial!"


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