Sunday, January 20, 2008

TOTAL COELO - "I Eat Cannibals & Other Tasty Trax"

TOTAL COELO - "I Eat Cannibals & Other Tasty Trax"

The weirdest girl group ever assembled, think The Go-Go's meets the musical "Cats", somewhere on Mars, hopped-up on designer drugs... Formed in London in 1981, and originally called "Toto Coelo", and which, in Latin, means numerous things, such as 'Heart and Soul', 'Root and Branch' and 'Totally Different'. The girls had quite a big cult hit, called "I Eat Cannibals", and a semi-popular follow-up single, "Milk From The Coconut", a happy little ditty about spousal abuse! Cheese-tastic to the freaking max, and of course one of my all-time favorites...

1. I Eat Cannibals (Part 1)
2. Milk From The Coconut (Part 1)
3. Man O' War
4. Dracula's Tango
5. Hey Rajah
6. (I May Commit) The Perfect Crime
7. Milk From The Coconut (Part 2)
8. Mucho Macho
9. Spy Vs. Spy
10. I Eat Cannibals (Part 2)
11. Weird
12. Milk From The Coconut (Parts 1 & 2 - 12" Mega-Mix)
13. I Eat Cannibals (Parts 1 & 2 - 12" Mega-Mix)

320 Bitrate

"Now I've got you in my blood, supernatural love's gettin' through to me."

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