Monday, January 14, 2008

RILO KILEY - "The Inital Friend" EP + Extra Goodies!

RILO KILEY - "The Initial Friend" EP (1999)

Here is the super, super-rare debut from Rilo Kiley (Both pressings combined!!). Easily my favorite album from them ever. Out of print for years, and chances of a re-release look very very slim (which is almost blasphemous).

1. The Frug
2. Papillon
3. Always
4. 85
5. Sword
6. Asshole
7. Gravity
8. Troubadors
9. Steve
10. Glendora
11. Teenage Love Song

320 Bitrate

"A Phantom is disguised. It's horrifying, right before your eyes"

RILO KILEY - "Extra Goodies!!!"

Some stuff i found online from Rilo Kiley.... Goes well on the same cd as "The Initial Friend" EP!

1. Jenny, You're Barely Alive
2. Rock 'N' Roll Suicide (live)
3. I'm Sorry For Being Such A Crappy Friend
4. Simply Irresistable
5. Such Great Heights (live)
6. Room 8 (live)
7. Christmas Cake
8. Somebody Else's Clothes (live)

320 Bitrate

"And you come to me today, because no one seems to like your style at all"



cut-paper shadow said...

thanks a lot for posting these! I agree, it's a crying shame if the "initial friend ep" never gets a re-release. Also, 'somebody else's clothes' is such a brilliant song.

I still dream about stumbling over a copy in the 5 cent bin at my local second hand record store. ha.


RabidHummingbird said...

no problem, my friend!

this is such a pretty album. i was happy when i found this. even though it was online, i was still really excited...

*** i should also note that "Such Great Heights" is a track by The Postal Service. I meant to mention that, but I forgot... Oops.

Thanks for stopping by. :o) I hope you find a lot of stuff you like.

Collin said...

I've been searching for this for a while now and recently stumbled upon a copy on craigslist. You just saved me $500. Thank you.

RabidHummingbird said...


no problem! I am glad I saved you money!!

thanks for stopping by

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making my Thanksgiving!

RabidHummingbird said...

You're very welcome!! Thank YOU for checking out my page! :o)