Thursday, July 7, 2016

MARK.NINE - I'll Meet You On The Other Side (NEW LINK!)

MARK.NINE - I'll Meet You On The Other Side (2006) - LINK UPDATED!

I was recently revisiting the catalog of the now-defunct I/O Netlabel, and I remembered that I had posted this here back in April of 2008. I figured it was time to re-up this album, as it is actually quite a magnificent ambient/downtempo album, and I figured this would be an excellent place to start with the next wave of posts, which will consist of past releases from some of my favorite netlabels!

Please note that this album was originally released with a bitrate of 128 kbps.

1. Number Zero (86 bpm)
2. Hysteria Effect (100 bpm)
3. ??? (72 bpm)
4. Soundtrack (67 bpm)
5. This Computer (85 bpm)
6. Coming From The Radio Tower (83 bpm)
7. 18:20 (109 bpm)
8. Sundried Flowers (72 bpm)
9. Alaska And Weir (140 bpm)
10. Life's A Marathon (secret track) (86 bpm)

zip file: 55.01 MB
128 kbps

Get it HERE! (new link: 07/07/2016)

:o) Enjoy!

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