Saturday, July 9, 2016

MICROFLUID - Mental Stream (NEW LINK!)

MICROFLUID - "Mental Stream" (2008) (LINK UPDATED!)

Experimental ambient outlet Microfluid helps us segue from I/O Netlabel into Mexico's Flumo Netlabel, and their experimental sublabel, Fluidos!

Please note that this EP was originally realsed at a bitrate of 256 kbps. No 320 kbps version exists.

*originally posted March 9, 2008:

Here's the album description from Flumo's website:

From the Russian Federation comes Fluidos’ new signing, a young man known as Microfluid, music-eater since a kid, Kraftwerk-lover and long ago devoted to the most minimal techno. In his debut with Flumo netlabel, he flatters our ears with four tracks which fuse with pure experimental minimal; sound abstractions, almost beatless, with odd percussions subtly setting the rhythm, basing the compositions in atmospheres near the ambient. Kooky sounds – such as a baby’s cry or a man delivering a speech robotic-like – will catch your attention. After reading all this you can imangine that Microfluid’s pieces fit perfectly with Flumo’s more experimental line.

1. Rainy Days (intro) (116 bpm)
2. Monoblock (62 bpm)
3. Finding Feelings (61 bpm)
4. Awakening (62 bpm)

zip file: 43.97 MB
256 kbps

Get it HERE! (new link: July 9, 2016)

:o) Enjoy!

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